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    Hi again!

    Now I have got Si2169D to receive DVB-T2 in Openpli and Openatv images. Just do a separate scan for every T2 mux with all parameters manual inserted.
    If You don´t have the channel parameters, You can get it from channel info on a working OE 2.5 image.
    Works like a charm.

    / kjell

    I have a DM920 with BCM45308X, Si2169D and an Sundtek usb tuner dvb c/t/t2.
    The sundtek tuner is for the possibillity of receving up to three terrestial services at the same time.
    The only image were I get the Sundtek tuner to work is Openpli 6.2.
    But the Si2169D does not recognize any dvb t2 services at all if I not use a OE2.5 image.
    Is this a know problem (Si 2169D not receiving dvb t2 using OE2.0 image) or have I done something wrong. I want to use all tuners at the same time.

    / Kjell

    I am not able to flash my DM8000 with the webb interface anymore. It has worked like a charm ever since the box was new, when it came out on the maket, but now I have to use Dreamup.
    Sometime it loads the image and start the installation process and hangs after while and sometimes it stops direct after the file is started to be loaded to the box. There is no problem using dreamup through the serial interface,but it is sooo slooow.
    I have tried using both Chrome and Firefox.