DM800 HD SE V2, Recording Multiple Channels OR Recording one and Watching an other simultaneously

  • Hi there,
    I have Original DM800 HD SE V2, and i have (4) Four Satellites controlled (Managed by Diseque) 4X1, but currently under normal Circumstances when i am recording one channel i can't want an other channel unless on the same transponder.
    My Question is here is it possible that By using any kind of Multi Switch, or similar Equipment is it possible to Record one channel and view an other at the same time ?

    You Kind and detailed reply will be highly appreciated.
    NB:- I am know using other Boxes with dual or multiple Tuners it is possible but my question is about the grounds and conditions explained above.

  • it's just a fact that with 1 tuner you can only see channels from the same transponder

    only chance you have is a multi-tuner box (but your sat equipment should also be able to provide for each tuner the needed connection)

    as the 800SE has no multi-tuner support, you could only try to add an USB-Tuner