Triple Silicon 2 × DVB-S2 / 1 × DVB-C/T2 S2X MS Tuner

Technical features

Single-chip Two channels RF-to-baseband Satellite receiver

RF switches integrated

CMOS Fully integrated RF front end

Low noise and wide dynamic range zero-IF receiver

Input frequency range: 900 to 2200 MHz

Input signal level: -80 to 0 dBm

More than 80dB gain control range

Fully integrated PLL (dividers, charge pump, phase &frequency detectors, loop filters, etc.)


Dreambox DM920 ultraHD

Dreambox DM900 ultraHD

The Plug&Play tuner is simply inserted into the slot provided. The next time you boot up the Dreambox automatically detects the new tuner and configures it. Further settings can then be made in the Dreambox menu.