• Satfinder: use current transponder as starting point (thx dhwz)
  • Unicable: handle bootup time defined in unicable.xml properly
  • fixed high CPU load on streaming services with EPG (when using servicemp3)
  • fixed arabic subtitles on streaming services (add arabic characters to md_khumrabi_10.ttf)
  • fixed crash when trying to load a broken pixmap
  • fixed issues with teletext subtitles in skins
  • reduced debug output when loading pictures


  • Don't apply widget attributes to Scrollbar
  • Listbox: added and/or exported itemWidth(), itemHeight(), currentPage() and totalPages() to python fix end-of-grid wrapping (jump to the last item before wrapping, equally to what happens a the beginning of the list)
  • LanguageSelection/language_cache: fallback to en_EN when translation is missing in language cache. Fix sr_RS fy_NL still using the old aliases (sr_YU and fy_x-FY) in the language cache
  • ePicLoad: added setParameters(const eSize &size, const eSize &aspectRatio, bool useCache, int scaleMode, uint32_t backgroundColor) as proper replacement for setPara((some,magic,tuple))

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