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    :/ sorry, that's not so important at the moment, and nobody cares here.

    there are more important things to do

    new image, box, plugins, skins, etc.

    If one of the software makers have a hearing problem and therefore have to use the TTX-subtitles, the question should not be asked


    I am looking for a nice setup TXT or DVB subtitles setup page

    Something like this:

    This is already possible in open-images like openATV or openPLI, why not in original dream-OS 2.5?

    Now there is only the option text on a "black box or" "drop-shadow"

    Options to setup timing, alignment, position and fond size are missing in OE2.5 image

    The tuners swapped,

    Tuner 1 = triple-tuner for dvb-C

    Tuner 2 = twin-tuner for dvb-S/S2

    No luck, still no signal for eurosport on 12226H

    Then new install off "openPLI PY3" via "barry allen" and Eurosport did work but on frequentie 12232H instead off 12226H

    no signal on 12110H , 12422H , 12604H , 12051V , 12480V

    in openPLI on 12115H, 12427H, 12609H, 12057V, 12485V , working

    settings from openPLI in other image and problem is fixed

    Problem on Dreambox 920uhd and dreamOS in the flash

    Tuner A1 / A2 Si2166D (dvb-s2)

    Tuner B1 / B2 Si2169D (dvb-C)

    Diseqc 8/1

    On astra 1 some frequenties gives no signal, always message "tuning..... tuning failed"

    Example freq 12226H with eurosport fta no signal on al tuners present in the dreambox920, same problem on 12110H , 12422H , 10743H , 12604H , 12051V , 12480V

    Connecting the same coax cable on a dreambox7080 or dreambox8000 there is no problem

    How can this problem be fixed ?

    In openATV-image are more settings possible for TTX (i have a DM7080)
    Settings like:
    TTX-subtitle colour, subtitle postion, rewrap subtitles, subtitle border width, subtitle font size and more

    These options are very useful for making the TTX-subtitles look good, make the "subtitle font size" bigger, to make TTX-subtitles "in sync" when timing is bad ....

    Is it possible to build these options into the latest software?