Adding black bars to MKV files

  • I have been downloading a few MKV files only I am having trouble with succesfully playing those files when video resolution is different from 1280x720 or 1920x1080. For example, if I have a move with a resolution of 1280x544 the video get stretched vertically to fit the screen.

    I don't really like this because it causes faces to look bad and the overall picture. Would it be possible to somehow improve the video playback of MKV files in such manner that it adds video output wiht black bars so that it's the full 1280x720 or 1920x1080 ?

    I am curious if this would be possible via plugin or changes to the software?

  • Hi,
    have you tested to set your Dream to always 16:9 and your TV set also fixed to 16:9?


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  • I will give that a try. Currently, the Dreambox is in Pillarbox mode. I will have to find out which option represents 16:9 on this Sony Bravia 40".

  • My TV only has the option WIDE when outputting via HDMI (1080i/50). Hopefully someone would be able to fix the output of the MKV video in such manner it will add black bars when needed instead of stretching :)