DM920 ultraHD (2x Dual DVB-C/T2) locks up after has been shut down or restart.

  • Hi.

    I bought the box in August 2020 and from day one had the problem that the box locks up/freezes after there has been shut down or restart of the box.

    The only way I can get the box functional again is after have been through rescue several times.

    Dreambox OS: 4.3.2r12-2020-05-12.

    Image: Release 2020-07-20

    Input signal is DVB-C

    Am I the only one who faces this problem and is there a solution to it?

    Thanks in advance

    Kaj / Denmark

  • please install the newer unstable Image from

    First update the rescue-loader.

    connect via telnet and type :

    update-rescue -v

    wait 2-3 Min and reboot

    go to the rescue menue

    there are descriptions on this or other on boards.

    then select firmwareupdate

    search for the downloaded firmware-file from

    uncheck the two checkboxes and push flash

    Wait 2 Min and press reboot

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  • Hi Flower.

    Sorry for this late feedback.

    Yesterday I updated the rescue-loader and updated with the latest unstable image according to your description.

    I am not sure that it worked as I needed almost 10 reboots after these updates before I had the box up and running again.

    I did however succeed with a restart from within the box after I finally had it up and running, so I cross my fingers :smiling_face:

    Thanks for your effort with trying to help me :thumbs_up:

  • 10 reboots ?? but not only from "normal" update from feed? Normaly one reboot is enough.

    So i hope it works now. If you get another freezes we need a serial Log or enigma2 log from the freezes.

    Do U've installed other plugins or skins ?

  • Hi.

    I updated the firmware from rescue-loader and rebooted from there.

    The box freezed almost immediately after there was picture.

    I have not installed any plugins or skins. I am using Dreamdroid on my phone (an android app).

    How do I find these Logs if it becomes necessary?

    Have a nice weekend :smiling_face: