Dm7020Hdv2 Hang on Waking Up

  • Hi Everyone, I have a Dm7020Hdv2 and the image is the original “dreambox-image-dm7020hdv2-20161019.nfi”. After it wakes up from a deep sleep by a regular 10 minutes timer recording, it hangs and the Led stop at a display showing the IP address, almost the same Led display as the procedure of flashing an image but without the “Stop” word. I did a check on that 10 minute recording and found it was good. So this means it only hangs after regular timer recording. I tried 3 times switching off and on the power supply but it still hang. The only plugins I have are as follows,

    1.      Enhanced Media Center

    2.      DFlash

    3.      Samba

    4.      Startup to standby- installed if it exist in the plugin server

    5.      Skin- Yads-Hd

    Please Help

  • Hi Gutemine, thank you for your reply.

    I had checked and could not find the latest log except 1 that is dated 3rd Aug 2019 in the harddisk. Moreover everything in root is new as I had to do a new flashed because it could be switch-on at all. I am afraid I will not be able to produce a log if this happen again because I do not know the way to log-in. I had tried to login from browser, Ftp, Samba, Dcc-e2, none is possible. Please advise on how to obtain a log if this happen again? Or any other thing that I should take note of? Best Regards

  • Use the Board search to find the Threads describing how to do a bootlog via USB cable