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    Hi Everyone, My Dm7020Hdv2 hang at “Standby” mode after the last timer recording that was set to standby after recording. Attached is the crash log and also another crash log that happened in the afternoon. Could someone help me see what is actually the problem is please? I am using the original Dreammultimedia image and only have the following plugins,

    1.      Startup to standby

    2.      Gp3

    3.      Network browser

    4.      dmm-Hd skin

    Thanks & Best Regards

    Hi Gutemine, thank you for your reply.

    I had checked and could not find the latest log except 1 that is dated 3rd Aug 2019 in the harddisk. Moreover everything in root is new as I had to do a new flashed because it could be switch-on at all. I am afraid I will not be able to produce a log if this happen again because I do not know the way to log-in. I had tried to login from browser, Ftp, Samba, Dcc-e2, none is possible. Please advise on how to obtain a log if this happen again? Or any other thing that I should take note of? Best Regards

    Hi Everyone, I have a Dm7020Hdv2 and the image is the original “dreambox-image-dm7020hdv2-20161019.nfi”. After it wakes up from a deep sleep by a regular 10 minutes timer recording, it hangs and the Led stop at a display showing the IP address, almost the same Led display as the procedure of flashing an image but without the “Stop” word. I did a check on that 10 minute recording and found it was good. So this means it only hangs after regular timer recording. I tried 3 times switching off and on the power supply but it still hang. The only plugins I have are as follows,

    1.      Enhanced Media Center

    2.      DFlash

    3.      Samba

    4.      Startup to standby- installed if it exist in the plugin server

    5.      Skin- Yads-Hd

    Please Help

    Hi Everyone, I have a Dm7020Hdv2 when doing a full image backup with Dflash, it get an i/o error. Before it is working properly, I am not sure if it’s this problem, I had install Gemini 3 and Enhanced Movie Center and the installation is successful. Another fact is I have not been doing any image backup for quite some time. Please help

    Thanks very much for the recommendation.
    The first time was not a tuner but a Stb that is spoiled. If this happen to anyone, I am sure no one would goes back to the shop anymore. As advised I uses the original dreamOs which find tuner A is working but tuner B is not.
    Initially I was using OpenPli and other images but later try it on dreamOs and only then I realise it only works in original dreamOs.
    Thanks & Best Regards to All

    Hi Everyone, my 2nd tuner purchase had arrived, but very disappointedly I am being cheated again, tuner B is spoil. This is my 3rdtime already.
    Could someone recommend me an honest seller for the hybrid dual Dvb-C/T2 tuner please?
    Thanks very much

    Hi Gutemine & Everyone, confirm it only works in original image but very disappointedly, I am being cheated again, tuner B is spoil. This is my 3rd time already.
    Could someone recommend me an honest seller for the hybrid dual Dvb-C/T2 tuner please?
    Thanks very much

    Hi Everyone, my second purchase of the dual Dvb-C / T2 tuner had just arrived. It is for my Dm7020Hdv2 and the image is OpenPLi. I tried many possibility in testing of the channel scanning but succeeded none.
    Is there any driver files or something I need to install?
    Please help!

    Hi Everyone, as our local Tv transmission provider is changing from Dvb-C to Dvb-T2, I need to buy a new tuner (which cost around Eur$80 without shipping cost) because my previous one is only Dvb-C/T. I had bought this Dm7020Hdv2 in Luzern (Nov 2013) and still looks very new. My usage for Stb is simple, I do not use any CAM or Iptv, strictly only on daily timer recordings of minimum 2 channels and also plugins such as, Iptv player and Tsmedia.

    I wish someone could please give me some advice in this matter as follows,

    • Dm7020hdv2 last original image dated 19th Oct 2016, i think is with old drivers, I wonder will affect the operations of my daily timer recordings?
    • Will dm7020hdv2 seize to operate in future even If there is no hardware issue?
    • How would you find the hardware of dreambox, is it lasting?
    • Should I buy a new Stb or a new dual Dvb-C/T2 tuner for Dm7020Hdv2?
    • Any recommendation on Stb?
    • Any recommendation for an honest international seller (had been cheated twice)?

    Please feel free to say anything and I will definitely not blame anyone for anything as all your suggestions are only helping me.

    Thanks very much

    Best Regards

    Hi Everyone, on the bottom right of the picture I had attached earlier had a marking “A”, does this means it’s an early version?

    As for the latest tuner model no: Si21692C that has a letter “C” behind means a marking “C” should be on the tuner and not “A”?
    Thanks in advance