Manual scan on satfinder (press OK to scan).

  • On open atv image can you manual scan on satfinder (press OK to scan) why not on DreamOS.
    Every time I want to search a feed signal on satfinder, I have to go back for manual scan. :thumbdown:
    I would be easy and faster if you can do a manual scan from satfinder. :thumbup:

  • all this is Open Source, help yourself :)

  • tufan1

    Put this files on the folder Satfinder.


    Restart your dreambox.

    This work only on satellite channels (press OK or green button to scan).:)



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  • Would it be possible to have easy access to the last scaned chanells? It's hard to find the chanells after manual scan, you have to go back, and then search the satellitte on the list...etc.

    In OpenAtv for example, there is a folder called Last Scaned, it's very easy to find them...