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  • Dreambox 7020
    GUI: ?
    Firrmware version:?


    When trying to use Dreambox Edit, I need to enter the Username and password for the Dreambox. I thought "Root" was the Username and "dreambox" was the password. For some reason, these do not work, so I have tried to leave the password field blank and also tried using password as the password..... but these have not worked either. It appears that at some stage I must have changed these.

    Is there any way that I can see the username and password, or reset it to the original? Any help would be great.


  • HI,

    Thanks for the reply, however when I try this, I get the following error:
    Coul not login to the Dreambox with username "root" and password "dreambox".
    Check the username and password and try again.

    Can I reset the password back to the original (root & dreambox)?

  • usually the 7020 doesn't need a password. but some ftp-programs won't work with an empty field.

    Can you login to the box by telnet?



  • Hi,

    I have never tried telnet... is there any info you can point me to on what I need and how to use telnet?

    Thanks for you help,

  • hi guys am a new member here ...yesterday i connected my dreambox

    so the username is : ROOT
    and the password is : 755

    see ya all

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    Not, it's not. Otherwise you don't have a image by DMM.



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