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    Hello and thanks for your reply i will try the 3d settings plugin, i am using DMConcinnity-HD as my skin, as for the encoding i have no idea if its utf-8 i will let you know soon.

    Apparently they are UTF-8 yes, and i installed 3d settings with no luck i get these errors.

    Some Plugins are not available:
    Systemplugins/3DSettings ([Errno 2] No such file or directory:

    So after a while with my DM800 since it was really slow i bought a 500HD, and with it i bought a 3dtv too.

    I mounted my linux pc on it to stream my movies and generally my content and to my big surprise i get some really annoying UI and encoding problems.

    First of all, after i load up a 3d movie i see the 2 different videos left and right on the screen, i was like ok, this is normal, so i switched up 3d from the tv and everything was fine. Then i tried to go to the menu and wow i almost lost my eyes, i was like ok maybe the menu isnt compatible, but i mean come on, this is 2012 we need something to make the 3d menu work correctly.

    Then i tried to load up subtitles in my native language and to my surprise first they werent readable exactly like the menu, and then the encoding was bad so i couldnt really read anything else except english.

    Anything i can do to fix those things ?