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    I did an update on my simcard clone DM500HD ssl83 210, and after the flash
    she do not care.
    Researched a lot on the internet, and found that my mistake was being made flash
    an image
    original open-pli and I could only flash a clone.

    Well, then, my dm500hd connected via USB cable, and tried to use all
    possible versions and
    dreamup imaginable, but in all cases the apoós dreamup upload
    image, displayed
    the message "upload complete, waiting for acknowledge." I checked in my
    router and not DM500HD
    received any IP as the articles I read spoke. DM rebooted and nothing.
    same problem ...

    After doing everything, I found an article saying to use the "-SUNRAY
    FlashUP "and so could
    to flash the dream. The dream had apparently returned to normal, she
    care, so went into
    the flash via http but when I went to start was with a black screen and

    After that, I thought it could be some error in the "secound stage" image
    and decided to climb a
    secound stage loader to Ferrai SSL83F, even though my sim card was not
    I had no more to do, well I think after that complicated once the
    things. my dream
    returned to the initial problem, and worst of all, now when I try to flash
    with "SUNRAY-FlashUP"
    after he transfers the image to DM500HDe the following message appears:

    06:56:00 box type: DM500HD
    06:56:20 Calculating checksum ...
    06:56:22 Uploading file to box ...
    07:03:56 box is flashing from ITS memory ..

    And it gets no reaction, as a left running all night, but not out
    that ...

    Well, I know I screwed up, but my question is:
    I lost my decoder completely or just the sim card?
    I could buy another sim card and re-use my decoder?
    Have a suggestion for my problem?

    Hugs and hope someone can help me!

    (Sorry for the english, I'm using a translator) ...