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    Did you tried ?! and working with you ?!!


    hello friend ..

    This is Youtube not Mytube .. It is different way to extract video and play ..

    No need more packages such as python-youtube-dl, tubelib, python-google-api-client ...etc

    But the plugin works just fine on open source images without any problem on my DM920

    After Some friend asked me to edit Youtube plugin for DreamOS images OE2.5/2.6 and After taking the permit from my friend (Taapat)

    I have edit the plugin and works without crashing ..

    But video won't open ..

    After trying to find a solution. We think the problem is in openssl need to be fix and update it.…b2db94c9bcaebff37a816898f

    In attach log of gstreamer debug and plugin if any one want to test and help.

    Hello guys ?!!

    I'm working on some plugin to change ip ...

    Just I want to change this def to work on dreamos oe2.5/2.6 images ..

    This my def for oe2.0 and not compatible with OE2.5/2.6 ..

    Please any advices ?!

    the def just for restart Network after change ip ..

    Hi guys ..

    I have Dm920 and I built my privet images ..

    one depend on opendreambox and other one depend on open source ..

    My problem is with some skins on image built depend on enigma2 of open source I think I need some patches to correction code of gamma and pixmap to make enigma2 works well with those new skins include graphics with high depth color ..

    So please Any friends can help and send any patches or commits from gits to solve my issue ?!

    Thank you

    Yes, Exactly
    Thank you
    I have install from my feed (usbutils)
    and use (Fred Bogus)

    All information show to me ..

    root@dm920:~# usb-devices
    -sh: usb-devices: command not found
    root@dm920:~# cat /sys/kernel/debug/usb/devices
    cat: can't open '/sys/kernel/debug/usb/devices': No such file or directory

    Same result
    No vid pid, no driver name, no company name ...

    What is the correct command to find wifi info on ARM (Dm920) kernel 3.14 ?!
    Because old one doesn't work ..
    And lsusb doesn't give full information

    root@dm920:~# cat /proc/bus/usb/devices
    cat: can't open '/proc/bus/usb/devices': No such file or directory

    How can I mount any directory as read only with usb drive?!
    For example I want to mount (/usr >> /media/usb/usr) as read only ..
    So If I install any things on /media/usb/usr do not move to /usr just to read files from /usr?!

    Is it possible ?!