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    I have a lot of home movies and recordings on my DM8000. I wonder if there is a plugin that can do a periodic backup of my Hard drive to a network drive or external USB disk? Ideally it would make a backup and the periodically (like daily) only backup new(er) files so the backup doesn't take long after the first time. I found out I can use rsync, but don't know anything about scripting or scheduling so I was hoping there would be a plugin for that. Anyone have an idea of such a plugin?


    I use the dTV-HD-Reloaded skin for almost a year now. It's a very good and beautifull skin. I only have 2 questions about this skin:
    1. In the movielist you can't see the filesize of the movies, could this be added?
    2. Are there any plans to also implement the second infobar?

    I hope somenone (Kerni) can answer these questions. Furthermore I'd like to thank you for your GREAT skins.

    Best regards

    Hello Ghost,

    It is true my cable provider sends scrambled channels, but I rarely record from my cable provider. When it happened yesterday I was recording 2 programmes on different transponders from satellite and was watching cable. The problem was there when another recording started (also on satellite) and I didn't switch channels or anything with the cable. Also I don't use a CI, [Moderator] violation of the Boardrules [/Moderator]


    Rarely when doing 2 or more recordings at the same time (at the moment another timer starts or stops) the picture freezes and the remote doesn't respond to commands. I decided to log enigma2 what is happening and the only thing I can see is:
    broken startcode
    broken startcode
    broken startcode
    broken startcode
    broken startcode
    etc. (before the first broken startcode is no other error, only normal operations)

    Telnet still works so it's not the whole box has crashed, but it seems to be driver related (enigma2 suddenly doesn't get a correct transport stream anymore). I see this happen in 2 DM8000 which both have 2 DVB-C tuners (in addition to the 2 DVB-S2 tuners).

    Can this be looked at/solved?

    I think Jeroensky has a good suggestion about the forum with at least the option to ouptut standard 1080p 25/30, is this possible?

    Also the other question is a good one. Is it possible to do something with the BCM7400 chip (overclock/new drivers) that it would be able to also support 1080p 50/60?

    I think when Blue Ray works on Linux (I suspect this will be the case in the near future) a lot of people would like to install a Blue Ray reader/burner in their DM8000. Then you would also need the complete 1080p format.

    I think there will be a lot of comment if their EUR 1000 Dreambox can't even play Blue Ray disks in their native format while, for example, the much much cheaper DM500HD (or VU+ Duo) which both (will) have a BCM7404 chip that does support 1080p 50/60. Especially since this BCM7404 was available as off 2007, so a long time before the DM8000 was released which means the hardware to support it was available from the beginning (I therefore can't understand why this chip hasn't been used in your flag ship model). But that is no problem if this could be solved by overclocking or drivers.
    I would love to hear DMM's view on this ;)


    In the output settings through DVI/HDMI you can now only choose 720p or 1080i in your Dreambox settings.

    This means for example that if the output is set on 1080i and you go to a 720p channel the Dreambox has to convert interlaced to progressive AND convert the resolution, this means 2 types of conversion in the Dreambox :( (the same is the case if you put the standard output on 720p and watch a 1080i channel).

    A full HD screen has to convert the 1080i or 720p output from the dreambox to 1080p (because this is the native screen output). This means there can be a lot of conversions which are off course not good for the quality of the picture.

    For example the Dreambox has been set to 1080i output and you watch a 720p channel, the following conversions occur:
    1. Convert 720p to 720i (by Dreambox)
    2. Convert 720i to 1080i (by Dreambox)
    3. Convert 1080i to 1080p (by TV)
    • These 3 conversion also apply if the standard output is 720p and you watch a 1080i channel

    I know from the autoresolution plugin the Dreambox 8000 also supports 1080p. I would like to set the standard output of the Dreambox to 1080p so the number of conversions is limited to the very least necessary namely ONE (I know some of this can be set with the autoresolution plugin so only the TV does one conversion, but don't like to use this because when switching between channels who have different HD output I loose the picture for a few seconds because my TV is recalibrating to the new output format).

    If the Dreambox outputs 1080p the TV doesn’t have to do anything more than show the Dreambox signal 1 on 1 on the screen (1080p, so no conversion). Also the dreambox has to only convert one thing (instead of 2 or 3 as mentioned above).
    - If you watch a 1080i channel the Dreambox only has to convert from interlaced to progressive (and not the resolution, so only one conversion)
    - If you watch a 720p channel the Dreambox only has to convert the resolution from 720 to 1080 (and no i/p conversion, so only one conversion)

    Would this be possible to implement (1080p as standard Dreambox output)?

    Thank you for an answer

    One of the OpenPLi image developers (Milo) said this would be relatively easy to implement. He had the following to say:

    You could bast this option on the amBX grabber code which takes a screenshot about 10 times a second. For the detection you would only have to look at the Luma (Y component) which makes processing a lot easier.


    I saw the official tempfancontrol plugin from DMM. I have the following 2 suggestions/questions:

    1. In contrary to the unofficial fancontrol plugin this plugin doesn't support variabel fan speeds (which are regulated by the measured temperature). Is this going to be introduced in the future? Preferrably with a setting in which you can imput the wanted average temperature of the different sensors and switch it on or off (for those who wish to keep the rotation constant)

    2. When the box is in standby and a recording starts the fan doen't start also. It would be best if the fan also starts when the box is recording (and therefore generating heat from the hard disk) even when the box itself is in standby. Is it possible to change this?

    Best regards,

    I saw there is a new plugin, the letterbox plugin.

    With this plugin I can zoom in on letterbox programmes without getting the remote control of the TV and the subtitles and OSD stay on the same place.

    I wondered if it was possible to make this plugin automatic also. I'm thinking that it scans the bottom and top lines of the screen and when it sees they are black the plugin zooms the image (and when they are no longer black it zooms out).

    This way you never have to manual zoom.

    I hope the creator is also reading this forum ;)


    I bought a SDHC card for my DM8000 only to find out the DM8000 only supports standard SD cards. The SDHC standard has been around since 2006 and is also supported by Linux operating systems. Will there be support for SDHC soon on the DM8000 (I think such a new device should support this format because it's the new standard). I think this will not be hard because the Linux drivers are there already.

    Best regards,