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    Launching the MovieCockpit plugin enigma2 crashes with the following error (dm-One with GP AIO 4.2):

    In attachment the complete log.


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    Trying to enable subtitles when playing a video via MovieCockpit v16.0.7 on dm-One (GP AIO 4.2) enigma2 crashes:

    Am I missing something? :face_with_open_mouth:

    In attachment the complete log.


    Thanks a lot!

    In the meantime, here my revision/update for italian translation, based on v16.0.7.

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    The only possible attitude with certain "characters" remains ignoring their provocations, not feeding their hunger for prominence at any cost.

    If their ravings fall on deaf ears, not finding fertile ground they inevitably look elsewhere for someone to fall into their trap....

    Sorry to bother you again but...

    I understand that this is not a top priority, but I wonder if it is not possible to remedy the daily report about the need to translate/correct some entries in the enigma2plugins translations, already reported in the previous post (Feb 4th 2023, no feedback so far...).

    We are now on 17 May, and since 25 January 2023 I have been receiving a daily email that some translations need to be corrected, always the same ones: I have already done so countless times, always hoping (completely in vain) that the problem would be resolved... nothing doing, every day they always reappear to be corrected again and again.

    Thank you for your attention and understanding :smiling_face_with_halo:


    I am reposting here the contents of an old post of mine, since there still seem to be some problems with the translations.

    On a daily basis there are still some strings being reposted (every day and always the same ones), which would be untranslated or have problems, despite the fact that I fix them each time.

    I summarize the affected strings here:

    1) String not yet translated into Italian (no origin reference, original string only in Dutch, Serbian, English, German, Italian, Spanish, Turkish)

    Make it more skin friendly

    2) Strings already translated in italian but to be verified (no origin reference, source strings only in Dutch, Serbian, English, German, Italian, Spanish, Turkish)

    No result from LDIF

    No result from Outlook export

    Searching in Outlook export...

    3) Strings already translated in italian but to be verified (no origin reference, source strings only in English, Czech, Finnish, Franch, Greek, Italian, Lithuanian, Portuguese, Slovak, Spanish, Turkish, Ukrainian, Hungarian)


    Is it possible to check if those strings are still necessary and why do these strings always come back?

    The criticality of the missing functionality is very subjective. For you it is very important, I take the right to assume that in your country movies are not dubbed and subtitles are more important while in Germany movies are all dubbed and people don't need subtitles.

    Of course, the criticality of subtitles can be very subjective, just as with anything else.

    But their usefulness should not be seen only as a function of the presence or absence of dubbed versions: at my home, for example, we like to use the original version (if available) with the use of subtitles, so it would be important for the latter to be clearly visible.

    And, without taking anything away from DP's ability to make the market choices it sees fit, and while conceding that Germany remains the core of its business, it would be good to be reminded from time to time that Germany is not the world: almost 8,000,000,000 people live outside its borders... :winking_face::smiling_face_with_halo: