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    opendreambox 2.5.0 dm920
    dm920 login: root
    root@dm920:~# wget -O - | /bin/sh
    Connecting to (
    wget: error getting response: Network is unreachable

    Any help?

    In any case, attached is my Italian translation for the SafePowerOff plugin.

    Are you sure about the contents of the de.po file?

    Poedit complains "Malformed header" and indeed the file has a double header, with strange and repeated contents.

    Also doing an analysis of the translatable content from the sources, the affected strings turn out to be far fewer than those in the de.po file.

    Am I missing something?

    Thanks for the info. Sven H

    I have found the problem. We have our own RC setup plugin that needs to be tweaked a bit.

    So for the moment just choose the RC-10 remote in the plugin and all works just fine.

    Update are on it's way

    Great, with the last image updates no more GS whatever button you press.

    Plugins on the Sven feed install/uninstall without any problems, and all other functions are available correctly. :thumbup:

    Thank you.

    So it's just a wrong keymap issue.

    I've already tried using the OK key, which doesn't give any errors but only generates a refresh sel feed.

    Anyway no problem, now that I know how to handle it I'll provide for now with manual installations.

    Then I'll try again with other images.

    In the meantime I will submit the problem to seagen.... ;)

    The configured remote control is RC-20BT as you can see.

    The error is generated only by pressing the YELLOW key (Install), while all the others keys work fine.

    I also thought it might depend on the keymap I use (half-neutrino - I never liked the default mode and changing channels with the LEFT/RIGHT keys always seemed absurd and unnatural...) but even going back to standard mode the problem remains.

    However, I deleted the old crashlogs and re-generated the problem to get an updated one, which however seems identical to the previous one.

    I also made another "insane" attempt, trying to use the remote control of the dm920, obtaining exactly the same result: all the keys work, except for the yellow one that sends enigma2 crashing.

    I'll try with a different image, but I can't do it immediately.

    Here the new crashlog:



    Installed a previous version of plugin (v0.1-r9).

    Tryng to make an online update, GS.

    Thinking it might be a problem with an outdated version, I manually installed the latest one (v0.1-r11).

    The feed plugin opens without a problem, but any plugin I try to install from it causes a new GS.

    Dreambox Two, PeterPan "Into the darkness" image OE 2.6


    Yes, there are, but it should not be necessary to use them in normal conditions.

    But, first of all, which dreambox are we talking about, with wich image?

    My recommendations are:

    • Make sure the rescue loader installed on your box is up to date. The update can be done via telnet, downloading the correct package for your box from the dreamboxupdate site in the "Firmware images" section. After downloading the package for your box, copy it in the /tmp directory, connect via telnet and execute the command flash-rescue /tmp/*.bin. Wait for the operation to finish (a few minutes), turn off the box, wait 15 seconds then turn it back on: the new rescue loader is installed! It may also be that the currently installed image already has its own rescue bootloader update menu.
    • Check the router settings and leave the dreambox in DHCP but reserve its address on the router via MAC so that you can be sure that, while working in DHCP, the box always takes the same address. All routers allow this mode.


    It is possible to add the matrix "Lem Electronics SC416/1" to the unicable configurations?

    I tried manually updating my unicable.xml like this:

    and everything seems to be working properly, but I don't know itf it would be necessary to add other parameters.

    Enclosed the matrix data sheets (one in italian, sorry, the english version isn't available...)




    I have the Italian translation ready for your feed plugin.

    Thanks for the great work (as always). :thumbup:

    However, I have encountered a problem using the action "Package list update reset (repair)": enigma2 crashes

    Attached is the complete crashlog and, of course, my translation.


    Even in English enable plugin is the correct order.

    As I said, it was just meant to be an example.

    Also as an example, the items below would ALL need to be reversed (but it is not possible) in the Italian translation:

    I did not mean to argue that it is ALWAYS necessary to change the order of entries, but certainly in many cases.

    However, my request remains a simple one, based on my experience gained from years of translating, on the assumption that each of us tries to do the best we can. :)

    Thank you Sven for finding a way to keep your plugins easily available.

    I would like to take this opportunity to make a request to you, but also to all coders, that I made several years ago, but which is still not understood.

    If possible, avoid using "chained strings" when they involve strings that need to be translated.

    Similarly, avoid (if possible) the use of "unnamed arguments" and "tuples", because these elements cannot be correctly reordered when the syntax of the language being translated requires it.

    These situations represent a real nightmare for translators, often leading to horrendous results, comical at best, completely misleading at worst.

    Period construction in many languages (such as Italian) follows different rules than in English or German.

    Just as a simple example (without any claim that it is correct from a programming point of view, but only for translation aspects):

    plugin_options_enable.append(( "enable",_("plugin")+" "+_(" enable")))
    plugin_options_enable.append(( "enable",_("plugin")+" "+_(" disable")))

    For the English version it would be perfect::

    "plugin enable"

    "plugin disable"

    The same could be said for the German:

    "Plugin aktivieren"

    "Plugin deaktivieren"

    Noy so for italian:

    "Il plugin attivare"

    "Il plugin disattivare"

    are not correct forms, and should be rendered as:

    "Attivare il plugin"

    "Disattivare il plugin"

    which is not possible, however, as the original strings do not allow it.

    The same for french:

    "activer le plugin"

    "désactiver le plugin"

    would be the correct forms, impossible to obtain with those source strings.

    Not to mention the fact that in many languages there are different forms for , masculine, feminine, singular, plural (and in some languages even different forms depending on whether it is one, two or more).

    A very simple "all" in Italian could be "tutto", "tutta", "tutti", "tutte" depending on the context, but if I have only one possibility of translation and then use chained strings it will be very likely that in several cases the form will be incorrect.

    Sure, I have to translate fewer items, but at what price?

    It is a very old argument, which I have addressed many times in the past (very past) even with gutemine (fierce supporter of chained strings) but with him it is impossible to discuss, there is only his line of thought, and if it suits him it must suit everyone...

    Sorry for the length of the post, and for coming back to topics that have already been heard, but just as coders aim for functional, lean, clean and elegant code, I as a translator like a correct and 'good sounding' result.

    Thank you

    Unfortunately, on transponder 10727 H in addition to NasaTV UHD there are only

    TravelXP 4k Europe

    Museum International

    now both encrypted, so I can't make a comparison.

    Signal strength on transponder:

    14.20 ~14.30 dB

    SNR 89%

    BER 0