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    Box type: 7025
    GUI (enigma1/enigma2): Enigma 2
    Firmware version: Gemini2 1.0

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    I wonder how to get the DreamKeyboard to work with the 7025?
    Do you need any more info?

    Box type: DB7025
    GUI (enigma1/enigma2): ?
    Firmware version: ?

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    Me and my friend got 2 new Dreambox 7025 today from a store in sweden. Imported from Germany.
    We tried to follow the online instructions on your hompage how to flash the DB with HTTP. The image name is "The_Gemini2_Project_1.00_DM7025 .nfi"
    The flash works fine. It goes up to 100% and says Finished. But when we power off and on the DB just says "/flash/vmlinux.gz" for some seconds and then
    the display is blank but uplighted. No picture on TV and so on.
    What have we done wrong?
    We are going to the store tomorrow and buy a RS232 cable and try with "DreamUp.exe"

    Any tips?