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    nein... kein greenscreen oder crashlog! leider. mein image ist ein experimental (opendreambox-1.6) aus dem update feed (tagesaktuell).
    das problem scheint auch auf anderen boxen (500hd) vorzukommen. sieht ein wenig nach einem timeout aus, wie gesagt - wenn man schnell durch die aufgenommenen filme zappt. auf einmal kommt der spinner - dann startet enigma neu.
    viele grüße,

    Hi PeeHoo.
    As Maxl already wrote, it is not possible, to play Original Blu-Ray Discs on the DM8000. The reason is, that Blu-Rays Discs are encrypted with HDCP and this is not supported by Linux. Nevertheless... as a matter of course, you can install a Blu-Ray Drive and burn your HD Recorings (as files) on Blu-Ray...

    Concerning your second question... yes, it is possible to watch media files stored on a linux server. You just have to mount the directory that contains the files via nfs. But only the DM8000 (and 800) is able to play HD Videos. I've already tried several H.264 Files on my DM8000 without problems, but so far I had not the chance to test .mkv Files.

    I'm extremly satisfied with my DM8000 and would recommend to choose this box if you would like to play HD Videos and of course it is affordable.

    Best Regards,