Is tuner2 working at all ?

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    My setup as follows:-

    4 way diseqc switch on tuner1

    Port A = 36v motorised dish driven by vbox2 using diseqc 1.2 (I have finally managed to get this to work only because my vbox2 has the sat positions already stored and so in satconfig/advanced I am able to enter the known position number)

    Port B = Hotbird

    Port C = Astra 19.2e

    Port D = Astra 28.2e

    If I move the LNB input to tuner2 and set up the tuner2 satconfig exactly the same as tuner1 nothing works at all.

    What i would really like to do is use the diseqc switch on tuner1 and move the motorised dish to tuner2.

    my question is this

    Is tuner2 working at all at the moment and if so how to activate and set it up independently of tuner1 ?


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  • Well, tuner2 works ...
    If you set it up excactly as Tuner1, alwas tuner1 is used, as long as possible. So also the sat scan is done (only) on tuner1, because it has all the sats to be used.
    (I do only have one Sat, so i do not know what will happen if you use different sattelites on the different tuners)
    Normally, tuner2 is used when tuner1 is already in use (e.g by recording).
    It woeks fine here.

    Well, that's only my experience report, maybe sobmody has different satellite dishes / sats on the two tuners ....


  • I have Astra19.2/Hotbird on tuner1 and Astra28.2E on tuner2 and both are working.

    Maybe you should try an easier configuration to start with.