2nd failed! DM800se. Impossible to flash with USB cable

  • 2nd failed! DM800se. Impossible to flash with USB cable

    After updating iCVS image (ss84) I got the "2nd failed!" error message on the LCD.
    I've then tried to flash it using latest Dreamup but with no luck.
    A couple of times it looked like it was about to flash the DM800se, it loaded the file into box and Dreamup also said something like "loading from memory" or similar, but at this stage nothing happened.

    Most of the time flashing doesn't work at all and I get this message:
    Got wrong response from box: HTTP/1.0 400 Bad Request
    Content-Type: text/plain
    Server: secondstage/84
    Cache-Control: no-cache
    Connection: close

    lcd: ***SERIAL MODE***
    entering serial loop..."

    The box is just one or two months old. Is the box broken or am I missing something obvious here ?
    And of course, it's not a clone.
  • Got it!
    I used Dreamers 500HD formulla from another thread with some small changes.

    Box connected to your Laptop via USB.
    Ethernet cable connected to your Router (DHCP enabled)

    1a. Start DreamUP_1_3_3_8 and tick "Use Network". Also choose correct Serial Port (mine was COM18).

    1b. I also had this problem: "too much data (or bad sectors) in partition 1 (end: 00040000, pos: 00040000)". If you have that you also must choose "recover bad sectors" in the "Extras" menu in Dreamup.

    2. Press the "Connect" button in Dreamup.

    3. Start your box and wait a few seconds (flash-loader should be transfered to the Dreambox and you should see something like HTTP or LAN connected) . If all works well you should see the IP adress of the box in the LCD (DM800se).


    5. Launch your preferred browser and type in the IP of the Dreambox.

    6. Run the firmware-upgrade via
    your browser. Use the original firmware for your box,
    reboot the Dreambox.

    Thanks to Dreamer.