Dreambox 800HD External Hard disk problems

  • Dreambox 800HD External Hard disk problems

    I purchased a WD Mybook 1TB external drive, which had USB and eSATA connections. I managed to get it working on the USB for a while, but I had intermitent lock ups where it would stop recording and hang the dreambox. However the USB performance was better than via the eSATA, which didn't work at all. In desperation I removed the hard drive from the Mybook case and connected directly via a SATA to eSATA cable. This at least worked, but when I ran some speed tests of the disk for eSATA and USB I am getting 4.96MB/s for eSATA and 12.76MB/s for USB disk reads. This is somewhat surprising as the eSATA seems 3 times slower than the USB. This would explain why I am getting drop outs in the recording's, but I don't undertstand why the eSATA is running slower. Also when connected via eSATA it the disk is showing as IDE.

    Help greatly received as this is somewhat of a mystery.

    05.12.2009 11:26