No chance for clones!


No chance for clones!

Dream succeeds in actions against importers and vendors

Lünen, 12. November 2009. Dream Multimedia, the leading supplier of Linuxbased set-top boxes, is pleased to report further successes in its actions against importers and vendors of so-called cloned, or pirated Dreamboxes. These clones are similar in appearance to the original boxes, but do not provide the stable performance Dreamboxes are known for.

In recent weeks, Dream has been successful in having several consignments impounded, resulting in the destruction of a large number of clones. The actions by Dream are not restricted to Germany. Importers and vendors of Dreambox clones have also been uncovered in Portugal, Spain and Poland. On the one hand, Dream is cooperating with local authorities, and on the other hand is supported by numerous trade partners, who also have an interest in stopping the trade with clones. Such a partnership on a global level exists with the online auction platform Ebay. Other supportive partners include the online marketplace Ricardo in Switzerland and Allegro in Poland.

Dreambox customers can now verify the authenticity of their set-top box, using the new verification system. A verification code is generated using a plug-in that is available for the DM8000 HD PVR DVD, the DM800 HD PVR, the DM600 PVR and the DM7025+ models. This code is then entered on the Dream homepage ( It is that simple to verify the authenticity of your Dreambox.

Dream spokesperson Alpaslan Karasu: „Together with our partners, such as Ebay, for example, we have succeeded in showing up numerous importers and vendors of Dreambox clones. These vendors now face hefty fines. The new proof of authenticity gives our customers absolute certainty that they have purchased an original quality product backed by our company, and not a clone.“