High End re-defined: Dreambox DM920 ultraHD

Multistream, FBC, FPGA for parallel CI usage, 8 GB Flash

The new DM920 ultraHD is simply packed with superlative features: variable tuner configuration with FBC and Multistream based on an innovative Broadcom chipset, two CI slots that can be used in parallel, 8 GB flash memory as well as an HDD slot that holds all types of 2.5 inch...


DM900 ultraHD: the future is now

Dreambox to be launched in the trade in December

The future of digital TV media begins in early December, when the innovative DM900 ultraHD is launched into the trade. The first Ultra-HD Dreambox combines all the quality features for which the Dreambox brand is renowned worldwide: powerful hardware, enormous computing power as...


DM520 successor developed at customers’ request

While Dreambox announced its return to the market successfully in the shape of the DM520, the new DM525 goes even better: The successor to the DM520 additionally features a CI slot, which completes the innovative technical features of the new Dreambox, a facility that was frequently requested by many customers. The DM525 is...


Following hot on the heels of the successful Twin Silicon DVB-S2 Tuner comes the Dreambox DVB-C/T2 Twin Tuner, which is once again based on the innovative design of Silicon Labs. This allows Dreambox owners to upgrade their digital media centre with a compact and at the same time energy-efficient receiver unit. It also provides the facility to record a programme and to view a different...


DM520 for DVB-S2/C/T2 (H.265 support) and IP

The Dreambox makes its return with the compact DM520 model, setting new standards with a modern design as well as technical features on the highest level. The DM520 comes equipped with either a Single-DVB-S2 tuner or with a DVB-C/T2 tuner. The new HDTV Dreambox supports the H.265 video standard, which is required for the reception of DVB-T2...


Expansion for Dreamboxes with Single Tuner

Lünen, 30. November 2015. Compact size, minimal...


DM820HD provides real excitement in a small package

The compact Dreambox range has been expanded with the powerful DM820HD. The Linux-based media centre comes equipped with state-of-the-art digital technology, providing seamless cooperation with the Dreambox operating system, taking the user into a new dimension of digital media consumption. The DM820 HD is on offer at a RRP of 530...


Gigabit Ethernet, USB 3.0 and 7000-DMIPS-CPU

The Dreambox DM7080HD sets new technical standards for the reception of digital TV and radio signals via satellite, cable, antenna and internet: Gigabit Ethernet, USB 3.0 as well as a 7.000 DMIPS dual core processor are among the outstanding features of the Dreambox. The DM7080HD, developed by Dream Property, will...


1st Place in the Awards of Screen Magazine and n-tv

The producers of the Dreambox have every reason to be pleased once again at coming first. The viewers of the German news channel n-tv as well as the readers of Screen Magazine have voted the Linux-based set-top box as their most popular brand in the field of TV receivers.

In this year’s readers award, which was organized...


Release-Image planned for OE2.0

Leontech, responsible for the distribution of the Dreambox brand of Linux-based set-top boxes, is launching three existing models of Dreamboxes into the trade with improved hardware. The DM500 HD as well as the DM800 HD se and the DM7020 HD will be equipped with new memory modules, increasing the performance of these boxes, which have won many awards....

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