DM520 successor developed at customers’ request

While Dreambox announced its return to the market successfully in the shape of the DM520, the new DM525 goes even better: The successor to the DM520 additionally features a CI slot, which completes the innovative technical features of the new Dreambox, a facility that was frequently requested by many customers. The DM525 is...


Following hot on the heels of the successful Twin Silicon DVB-S2 Tuner comes the Dreambox DVB-C/T2 Twin Tuner, which is once again based on the innovative design of Silicon Labs. This allows Dreambox owners to upgrade their digital media centre with a compact and at the same time energy-efficient receiver unit. It also provides the facility to record a programme and to view a different...


DM520 for DVB-S2/C/T2 (H.265 support) and IP

The Dreambox makes its return with the compact DM520 model, setting new standards with a modern design as well as technical features on the highest level. The DM520 comes equipped with either a Single-DVB-S2 tuner or with a DVB-C/T2 tuner. The new HDTV Dreambox supports the H.265 video standard, which is required for the reception of DVB-T2...


Expansion for Dreamboxes with Single Tuner

Lünen, 30. November 2015. Compact size, minimal...



Production is shut down

The DM8000 HD PVR translated the claim into action to unite digital consumer electronics into one device. It is all the more regrettable, then, that Dream won't be able to carry on the production of this groundbreaking multimedia center.

This is because several electronic components are no longer available. Dream Multimedia won't...


Video of Goliath presentation:




Dream selects winner of Plugin Award

Winners delighted to receive new cars

Small programme, huge effect. Dream Multimedia, the leading supplier of Linux-based set-top boxes, today announced the winners of the Plugin Award. The three winners can look forward to receiving their new Volkswagen cars shortly.

Carsten Brüggemann from Schriesheim/Germany entered a web...


Stolen Dreamboxes

Dream publishes serial numbers

Lünen, 27. October 2010. Dream Multimedia, the leading supplier of Linux-based set-top boxes, has warned consumers not to buy stolen goods. 128 Dreamboxes model DM8000 HD PVR were stolen in a burglary recently. Dream has reported the matter to the authorities, who are investigating.

It can be assumed the stolen...


Dream Plugin-Award

Dream Multimedia will be running a Plugin Award

We are looking to identify the best plugins for the Dreambox, and are rewarding the three best suggestions with attractive prizes. The only condition is that the plugin must be new and programmed for Enigma2.

Entrants can submit plugins in the following categories:

- Recording
- Display and...


Dream-Multimedia has developed an innovative verification system for its customers.

 A plugin can be started on the Dreambox, which will display a verifcation number.
This number can then be entered on our website to obtain immediate information about whether or not you have an original Dreambox or a forgery.
For this reason, we will forgo the Dream security holograms...

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