Dreambox is the most popular brand


1st Place in the Awards of Screen Magazine and n-tv

The producers of the Dreambox have every reason to be pleased once again at coming first. The viewers of the German news channel n-tv as well as the readers of Screen Magazine have voted the Linux-based set-top box as their most popular brand in the field of TV receivers.

In this year’s readers award, which was organized by n-tv and Screen Magazine in cooperation with the German Institute for Service Quality, the Dreambox romped in well ahead of all the competitors, scoring 1.26 on a scale in which 1 is the perfect score. In total, more than 10,000 readers resp. viewers participated in voting for the award.

„The Dreambox particularly convinced participants in the readers awards in the fields of product satisfaction, resale value and brand recommendation”, explains Florian Kundt, publisher of Screen Magazine.

„We are extremely happy about this award, which is proof of the high quality of the Dreambox“, adds Louis Lee, spokesperson for Leontech, responsible for the distribution of the leading brand of Linux receivers. „Achieving first place is a motivation to continue fulfilling the expectations of our customers in future, by continuing to improve the Dreambox.”