Dreambox Keyboard

This lightweight, high-tech and  ergonomically-designed wireless keyboard is  an ideal product for those who want to fully  exploit the new world of interactive services and still be able to control their dreambox.

Features include: 

  • Code Search to help program control of older or discontinued devices
  • Extensive preprogrammed code library
  • Intuitively-designed keys, color-coded and logically grouped, with ergonomic design for comfortable and easy use on your lap or  on a table
  • Non-volatile memory guarantees that device codes are not lost when batteries are low or need to be replaced
  • A standard, fully-functional QWERTY keyboard for general typing needs
  • Easy-to-use, full-size keys with quiet tactile feel
  • A compact design that combines typing functions with universal remote control functions
  • menu function to navigate and choose on-screen menu items
  • User-programmed macro keys to perform repetitive, time-consuming operations for easy, convenient access through the press of a single key