DM8000 information

DM 8000

Flashing a new firmware with Browser   (then click here)

Flashing a new firmware with DreamUp  (then click here)

Firmware / Image  Date
Firmware 3.1.0  23.03.2011 

User manual DM8000
(PDF - english for Release from 10.12.2008)


Flash firmware (Image):

DM8000 needs a special format called "nfi", which contains a header (and possibly a crc) and 3 different partitions (loader, boot, root). You can flash this either with the bootloader directly (using a special HTTP client or using a browser), or using a special version of Dreamup. 
The good news are that you can flash even without a serial cable, you just have to interrupt the boot process by pressing a frontpanel key.

If you don't have network, or trashed your second stage loader, you can flash using only a serial cable.


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