Authenticity test

The Dreambox has evolved into one of the leading satellite and media receivers on the world market.

Not in the least due to the selection of premium components, stable software and customer-friendly support.

When using a genuine Dreambox, you can rely on knowing that the true promise of the latest functionality, best security and complete support is provided for our product, the Dreambox.

The purchase of a genuine Dreambox gives you the following advantages:

  • You are guaranteed to obtain a technologically faultless and tested receiver.
  • You are eligible for customer service by Dream-Property.
  • You benefit from the latest improvements and feature enhancements of the software.
  • You can promptly install all newly issued software updates from Dream-Property on your Dreambox without hesitation.

How can I find out whether my Dreambox is an original?

To verify whether you have a genuine Dreambox, Dream-Property provides a quick and easy online verification, the authenticity test.

On your Dreambox you can find a plugin to generate a verification code. Please enter this displayed code in the field for the authenticity test.

Please enter the code: