• improved HLS handling in eServiceStream
  • Satfinder: use current transponder as starting point (thx dhwz)
  • moved translations to dedicated git
  • fixed crash on initial setup (timezone selection race condition related to geoip data readiness)
  • fixed high CPU load on streaming services with EPG (when using servicemp3)
  • fixed arabic subtitles on streaming services (add arabic characters to md_khumrabi_10.ttf)
  • fixed crash when trying to load a broken pixmap
  • fixed MediaDatabase related crash
  • fixed issues with teletext subtitles in skins


  • cleaned up and fixed language (selection) handling
  • internal performance improvements
  • Sources.List: fixed handling of margin/selectionZoom/mode
  • ePicload: allow passing image buffers via python
  • use bytearray() or any <sequence>(int) on the python side)
  • example call: self._picload.startDecodeBuffer(bytearray(data), len(data))

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