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    Tonight I flashed my box with genuine DMM image, dated 25.09.2012…-image-dm800-20120925.nfo

    I inserted my iptv streams in the bouquet and restarted dreambox.

    Then I watched one single channel (bitrate quality around 1 mb), without zapping. After excatly 50 min, the box froze and the spinner appeared. It stayed this way for 20 min !
    Then it restarted enigma2 automaticly.

    I have attached my dmesg that I took right after restart :)


    • iptv_dmesg.txt

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    The image that I used recently was Media-Sat 4.0 that is based on the OpenPli OE 2.0 image.
    This is the info I got from them:
    driver= 11.07.2012 r.7.0
    ssl 84 r.11
    enigma 3.999git.20120912
    All updates from 12.09.2012

    Do you need dmesg after restart when it hangs or before it hangs?
    I will try and get the bootlog also, looks a bit tricky :)

    Thanks again

    Hi there :)
    No there is no green-screen, nor a crashlog, it just sits there with the spinner animation. If I leave it like that for say 10 min, it automaticly reboots.

    If you could tell me how to create a enigma bootlog I would be glad to do it. never done that. :)

    Hi all,
    I am realy sorry if this has been discussed before, I have searched the forum for this issue, with no success.

    I have tested a number of OE 2.0 images, and they all seem to give me problems when watching internet streams (iptv) via the bouqets.
    This is a problem for me since I do not have an antenna, so I use DM800hd only for watching IPTV.

    The problem is that when watching a stream that has a quality bitrate above 1mb. The box will hang\freeze after 50-60 minutes of watching a single channel (without zapping).
    The spinner is shown in the upper left corner, the picture freezes, the remote does not work, nor is there any network connection. At the end I have to pull the power cable for it to reboot.

    I then tested the same thing, but a Low quality channel with a bitrate under 600 kb. The box did not hang\freeze, I could watch for serveral hours without problems.

    I do not have this issue with an image running OE 1.6, works great.
    So is this a hardware or software (image, oe, driver?) related issue? Could it be a bug or that DM 800 HD is simply too weak for OE 2.0 ?

    Thanks in advance!