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    Dear all

    I am facing problems with C Band channel, I am not getting C
    Band vertical signal only receiving horizontal channel (Dreambox 800HD) who can
    solve this problems, my LNB configuration below

    Satellite Insat 83

    LNB 4

    Priority 1


    Voltage Mode

    Increased Voltage No

    Tone mode BAND

    DISEqu Mode 1.1

    Tone burst B

    Committed DiseQU COMMAND BB

    FAST Disequ NO

    Command order
    tourbrust committed

    Uncommitted DIseQU Command

    DiseqU repeated None

    Tone amplitude 900mV

    thanks & Regards

    Sounds like you bought a clone box, not an original.
    Send your box to DMM for repair. If it is an original, you will get it back
    repaired. If it is a clone, you will NOT get it back.
    Or take it back to your dealer and ask him for repair.

    Thank you for your quick replay, This is box brought one week ago, I update trough IE explorer 9

    Is there any way to recover , how I can send to DM repair center I am now Qatar
    Thank you


    Dear all

    Please help me, I have updated firmware release DM800 3.1.0 on my dream box 800PVR after that system not booting. The status display showing error 01 no CA found I am waiting your advice

    Thank you regards