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    I have 2 questions, that perhaps other users have solved.

    1.) The HD8000PVR Remote Control Reception angle is too small for my regular use (45 degrees in all directions, measured perpendicular to the box, that is a total angle of 90 degrees).
    Having looked at the following :…rared-remote-control.html
    And using 3M Scotch Magic Tape all over the reception area on the box, unfortunately didnt yield any increase in reception angle.
    a.) Is there any Bluetooth/Radio Remote Control that can be used in conjunction with the Dreambox HD8000PVR (with perhaps some connection to an internal connector) ?
    b.) Is there any IRDA device to add, so that the remote control will have two different receptors to pass on commands to the box (also some kind of internal connector) ?

    2.) The DVI->HDMI cable supplied with the box is 1.5meter long, and thus too short. I have a DVI->HDMI adapter, and that works fine with any HDMI-HDMI cable,
    but the adapter+cable makes it a bit too long, and I would like to know if I can use any DVI->HDMI cable for it (this specifically, with the audio transfer over the DVI connector)

    Thank you in advance.

    Best regards : eskildsen

    Sorry, but that might have slipped my attention. Where is the section for downloadable Experimental Images - been able to find some sites via google, but some looks suspect or otherwise not seeming like an official update (considering the "experimental" part).

    as for Tazmaniac - im using the WD Caviar Black 2.0TB SATA / 64MB Cache / 7200 RPM WD2001FASS-00UB0 -
    LBA = 3907029168

    So 3907029168 x 512 bytes/block = 2.000.398.934.016 bytes

    so, at least according to this, it should be 512 byte blocks - though i have heard somewhere, that the Dreambox wasnt happy about the WD Drives, i can see no reason why it should not accept this, but a seagate drive, can anyone elaborate on this?

    Anyways, by remounting the drive (even if it is listed in the /etc/fstab file, and set for auto : /dev/discs/disc0/part1 /media/hdd auto defaults 0 0 - it wont mount it), it will work - just gets kind of annoying to have to remount it every time i have had shut it down, though not a major hassle, just annoying.

    Regards /eskildsen


    After a lot of searching on my part, when i had to connect my HD 8000 i had a similar problem.

    Try to download / use
    For Windows:putty.exe and WinSCP.exe
    For Linux : ssh, rsh, or similar

    and log on to the box with the correct IP address, and use user=root, pass=dreambox then use the command "passwd" and make a new password that you can remember (or even "dreambox", though, thats not really recommeded) - after you set the password (even if it was already set) - you should now be able to access it via the Web Interface or FTP server.

    Good luck and have fun.

    Best regards /eskildsen

    Well, it was the standard one installed (and it should be a genuine Dreambox HD 8000 PVR DVD, bought it from a german retailer, which is offically listed by DMM as one of their official retailers). - the "genuine Dreambox" plugin says a reg number, and as such im guessing that it is a real one, and not any clone.

    Actually, the /dev/fstab file HAD the line for the sda1

    rootfs / auto defaults 1 1
    proc /proc proc defaults 0 0
    devpts /dev/pts devpts mode=0620,gid=5 0 0
    usbdevfs /proc/bus/usb usbfs defaults 0 0
    /dev/mtdblock/2 /boot jffs2 ro 0 0
    tmpfs /var tmpfs defaults 0 0
    tmpfs /tmp tmpfs defaults 0 0
    /dev/discs/disc0/part1 /media/hdd auto defaults 0 0

    i.e. the last line of that list .... BUT ... unfortunately it wasnt mounted, or /dev/discs/disc0/part1 isnt equal to /dev/sda1

    Anyways, if it isnt equal, the standard setup havent addd the correct line to the /dev/fstab OR the standard setup does not automount it.

    Seems i found the answer myself after some searching.

    by first doing
    cat /etc/fstab

    i got the list in which the mount wasnt made, so, by doing the following :

    mount /dev/sda1 /media/hdd auto defaults 0 0

    i could now get the HDD to work properly - not sure if its permanent, but at least i will search a bit more to make sure it will be permanent. At least it works now by using sshing and doing the above.


    I have now on several occasions seen this problem, which is now getting EXTREMELY annoying.

    When i first had to Install my 2TB Disk it refused, so i found out to use the GParted tool, that reserves 1MB at the front of the data (2048 blocks) partition. After that, the Dreambox allows one to initialize it. (this should be something that the dreambox should be able to handle by itself, IMHO).

    After that, i began recording movies on it, and it worked great until i shut down the power to it (when i had first chosen either sleep mode, or deep sleep mode). After restarting it, and trying to record another movie it refused with the statement "HDD not initialized" - and that was even when i could still access the movies on it from the media player (or via the FTP server).

    So, i copied all movies over to my computers HDD, and moved the disk out and formatted it with GParted again, and then initialized it again, and it worked flawlessly, until i had to shut it down again. When it came back up, it again refused to allow to record to it.

    Then I began to wonder ... could it be some kind of mounting issue, that the Dreambox isnt capable of doing itself, but a "Initialization" will make it do for it.

    Anyways, going to go look for answers on the net, but if anyone knows a way to permanently correctly mount the internal HDD of the DM 8000, id like to hear it (besides, this >SHOULD< happen automatically by the Initialization software IMHO, but it just does not, it seems it only makes a temporary mount, that is lost as soon as the Dreambox is turned off).

    Thanks for any help in advance.

    Best regards : eskildsen