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    Since no one here even bothers or cares to try to help me I found a temporary workaround myself.

    Using a non-dream multimedia image with some certain software allows downsample of DTS to stereo. Is this the way it should be?
    Sad that this forum is not trying to help english-speaking customers... seems to be full action in ze german parts of the forum.


    I have connected my new dreambox 500HD audio with S/PDIF cable to my Technics DTS receiver. When I watch TV channels there is no problem with the sound, but when i start either a DVD image (.ISO file - i read a dvd from my PC and FTP it in to the DM500HD eSATA drive) or an MKV file containing AC3 or DTS sound my Technics receiver shows message that the stream is not working, and the AC3/DTS lamp is flashing 2 times a second on the Technics receiver, which means the stream is broken somehow (or not following the specification).

    If I select the AC3 downmix then the DVD movies work with regular stereo sound, but DTS tracks still make this error.

    I use 3.0.3 image from Dream multimedia.

    I've tried to search in the forum but couldnt find anything since minimum is 4 letters when searching. DTS works from DVD player on my Technics so there isn't any problems there.

    Is there any fix to this problem?