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    base64 has nothing to do with the 32bit or 64bit!

    base64 has nothing to do with the 32bit or 64bit!

    DM ONE - nice data, good publicity - image Dreamelite - something surprising I didn't see - speed - or for example - the loading has adjusted - the Android Pie9 has been loaded, but after almost loading - it is gone by now ... I think this receiver is too heard ...i used other images...

    poor and imperfect DM.... :evil:

    When i used in my new DM, it bought from HM-Sat-Shop (, genuine dreambox plugin i received answer :cursing:

    Failure instance: Traceback: <type'exceptions.TypeError'>:b2a_base64()

    ....i known what's base 64...poor imperfect system

    i think that this receiver must be cost about 20 - 50 eu... :/


    first i prefere english, and - can - italiano, polish, russian, lithuanian...
    Today DM900 i send for my seller, costly and longtime, but ....
    Screenshots i now i can't to do...
    1. sh: contact is but - Inappropriate
    2. minimal job in this shell... function command help...some df -h..
    can't do command - echo "rescue" >> /proc/stb/fp/boot_mode && reboot -f

    i conect with USB cable (Miniport on the DM900).
    DM using putty WITH A SERIAL connection - com4 (115200)
    Please post you putty settings - above.
    Defekt in DM900...kaput or no - write later

    ;) thanks
    impossibile enter in DM900.
    First impressions was when i buy - battery for 2 days and throw away...not only i have problems with limitations of this DM900.. ;(
    Sorry, but I have to say it: one shit in, other shit out - it is true.
    with DM525 i haven't problems.

    You could flash an image without HDMI connected to the box?
    The Telnet / PuTTy calls are via LAN in a started image, not via USB in bootmode. In bootmode the box is protected - as you saw.

    thanks for care
    You would see root@dm900# - isn't this root....

    answer as early
    sh-4.3#....after all commands is nowhere comes,only a little for informatione as - help...

    in one moment i saw that memory in DM900 - 700MB - why, and i don't know what i can do now :?:

    i think that sistem turn on DM900 no function good, much of rigmalore...for me better is in DM800HD se..

    thanks for answer, but now
    answer from putty

    sh: cannot set terminal process group (-1): Inappropriate ioctl for device
    sh: no job control in this shell
    sh-4.3# update-rescue -v
    sh: /usr/sbin/update-rescue: Permission denied
    sh-4.3# shutdown -r now
    sh: /sbin/shutdown: Permission denied
    tomorow i DM900 send to my seller hm-sat GmbH

    thanks for answer

    but many time i did ?( - start the browser, turn on DM900 slowly but webif road closed in DM900, i think that problen is in DM900...
    my DM525 on this line work without problems, CI+ and many others plugins ....
    maybe i give this DM900 for seller, ( 2 years garanthy) :evil:

    putty log
    sh-4.3# "ifconfig"
    ifconfig: /proc/net/dev: No such file or directory
    sh-4.3# "ifconfig" <>
    sh: syntax error near unexpected token `newline'
    sh-4.3# sh-4.3# "ifconfig"
    sh: sh-4.3#: command not found

    my DM900 haven't chance enter in modo rescue in, only when on dm900 screen shows - dreambox, i can a little enter in inside dm900.
    In rescue mode i can't to do connection because and i have'nt possibility have login and run this
    dm900 login: rootroot@dm900:~# help.....Problem is in inside DM900.

    but my DM525 on the same web line works without problems with CI+ et others...



    i can't flash new image, because can't enter in modo web in dm900.home :cursing: , many time lost but i can't through web reach dm900. What i must more to do? Bad (mayby bad boy in family dreambox) produced this dm900 :thumbdown: