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    i confirm this problem: after setting timezone the box shutdown instead restarting enigma.
    surely by last days of november


    Original von tension
    Now if i put on hdd the old files too, these are deleted, not new ones, but the rcS contains the lines for removing of both types of files, old and new named..... and we are not in the init=1 condition.

    this for test we are not in condition init=1, and that the solution is renaming:

    hdparm -M 128 /dev/ide/host0/bus0/target${HD}/lun0/disc
    if [ $init -eq 1 ] ; then
    rm -f /hdd/epg.*
    rm -f /hdd/xxx.*

    with 4 files on /hdd (epg.dat, epg.dat.md5, xxx.dat, xxx.dat.md5) and this rcS at boot
    i find only xxx files. ok?
    so on hdd:
    epg.dat does not work, the files are deleted
    xxx.epg.dat works, at boot we find the files on hdd, and the epg complete downloaded before restart is reloaded, all ok
    rcS file is normal, standard, official.

    if i change epgcache path like in webif, say put it to usb, the original files not renamed, are not deleted.
    epg file on hdd does not work
    epg file on usb works.

    on my db, sky it epg. ok?

    I never experienced what did you described as normal epg working. I noticed that because in this period was looking at the sources regarding epg. My 7000s ( year 2002 ?) 2b series, blue display, hdd maxtor 80g, does not work the same way. Perhaps my images are the problem, but I noticed that others too have the same behaviour, gemini360 for example, and the rcS file is quite the same as original one. I solved the problem as i described above, but i did not understand the reason why. Now if i put on hdd the old files too, these are deleted, not new ones, but the rcS contains the lines for removing of both types of files, old and new named..... and we are not in the init=1 condition.

    Thanks dbluelle


    Originally posted by dbluelle
    epg.dat on /hdd should only be removed if you do a flash-erase
    or if you boot a new installed image for the first time ?(
    see in rcS:


    hi db, i know it, but......:
    could i save the cache after epg.dat download? After shutdown (and restart), could enigma utilize that file, the complete epg (1,8mb), without having to stand everyrestart 3 minutes on epgchannel?

    thanks for the answer...... why delete this files?
    if you delete the lines in rcS, the files are deleted the same, no way to save it on hdd?
    epgcache.cpp reading.... ehm not so easy.

    hi to all

    i was looking at /hdd/epg.dat file, but:
    if already written and saved to hdd, who or when or why removes it before shutdown or before start? why not same for the file (epgcache) moved to usb?
    thanks in advance

    hi, you must open the file with fopen function and read the lines with fgets function.


    #include <stdio.h>
    FILE *fopen( const char *fname, const char *mode );

    The fopen() function opens a file indicated by fname and returns a stream associated with that file. If there is an error, fopen() returns NULL. mode is used to determine how the file will be treated (i.e. for input, output, etc)


    #include <stdio.h>
    char *fgets( char *str, int num, FILE *stream );

    The function fgets() reads up to num - 1 characters from the given file stream and dumps them into str. The string that fgets() produces is always NULL-terminated.

    fgets() will stop when it reaches the end of a line, in which case str will contain that newline character.

    Otherwise, fgets() will stop when it reaches num - 1 characters or encounters the EOF character. fgets() returns str on success, and NULL on an error.

    If the wanted line is in a fixed order (number of line) recall fgets till you have your string, or
    search for something with other string functions.............

    I tried this:
    ghostrider 06/12/19 17:14:26

    Modified: tuxbox/enigma/src enigma_dyn.cpp
    fix webif remote control on first press and on dbox2

    Revision Changes Path
    1.562 +6 -3 apps/tuxbox/enigma/src/enigma_dyn.cpp

    wrote png ! fine !

    wrote png ! fine !

    wrote png ! fine !


    ...but nothing happens, no osdshot on rc webif screen.
    Last working version is 1.560 (at least for me on firefox1.5.0.8, ubunut606).

    have anyone problems with remote control for the webif with last cvs?
    i can't get it working..... none actions on commands sending...... is it mine
    problem? I changed nothing in that section....

    P.s.: Merry Christmas to developing heads!

    hi, doppie
    no military secret. for me:

    I made so for the fr-fec- ecc., for 7000s, naturally:

    you can put the patch in enigma_main before the lines:

    it's ok for me, try it.......

    hi to all,
    especially to best image makers......./*(!)*/

    @@ -133,6 +135,7 @@
    void tuneOK();
    void tune_all(eTransponder *trans);
    + eTransponder *transpond
    void abortTune() { transponder=0; }

    making "eTransponder *transpond" public.... not friendly.