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    I have made shell script which enables installing locale files which are needed for correct languge:

    string comparison (LC_COLLATE)
    lower & upper string conversion, isupper & islower testing (LC_CTYPE)
    monetary formatting (LC_MONETARY)
    decimal separator (LC_NUMERIC)
    date & time formating (LC_TIME)

    After installing locale files for your language you can use all "language critical" functions in your python scripts (converters, renderers, plugins, etc.)

    All you need is to run script, then you have to set proper language locale argument in the setlocale() function in some python files as you can see below:

    def __init__(self, type):
    	setlocale(LC_ALL, language.getLanguage())

    For example, you can see my small modification of the converter which enables to display date/time string according to user language localization.


    some providers badly mix short and extended event description together into one description.
    Result is that only part of whole text description is visible in skin (widget source="ServiceEvent", convert type="EventName" ExtendedDescription).

    Is it possible to correct it?

    Many thanks.

    I found this workaround in the OpenPLI lib/service/event.cpp file which works fine:


    I have made new python encoding file (/usr/lib/python2.6/encodings/ for iso6937 encode/decode to/from unicode/str strings.
    ISO6937 is used in the EPG in the Central Europe and some other countries.

    Without this new encoding file wasn't possible to use EPG search in the many plugins. Now it is possible convert string and search EPG via:

    searchstr = searchstr.decode('UTF-8', 'replace').encode(encoding, 'replace')
    epgcache = eEPGCache.getInstance()
    ret ='RIBDT', 500, eEPGCache.PARTIAL_TITLE_SEARCH, searchString, eEPGCache.NO_CASE_CHECK))

    where encoding variable is set to 'iso6937'.

    I want to ask all developers, please enable to change codings in your EPG search plugins. Don't use only "default" ISO8859-15 or UTF-8 encodings. There are countries with other encodings in EPG in the world. For example EPGSearch plugin uses config.plugins.epgsearch.encoding in the /etc/enigma2/settings file.
    Many thanks.

    Please add new filters for scanning services - tv, radio, data

    Only TV services:   yes/no
    Only Radio services:yes/no
    Only Data services: yes/no

    I think, it is very useful because often I dont need radio & data services...

    Many thanks.

    The Dish pixmap is not visible when rotor is moving even the "Show positioner movement" is set to yes. I have tried some new images without success. Image versions before June 2010 doesn't have this problem.

    I have another problem with rotor moving too. When rotor is moving longer time, the improper messages appears: "Tune failed" and/or "Service not found" even channel is normally visible.

    I attach enigma debug from the kernel log.



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    Hello everybody, I have big problem with EPG search. I found that content of my EPG cache (in my DM800, [Moderator] Image is in violation of the Boardrules [/Moderator]) is coded with ISO6397 (CSLink provider, Czech&Slovakia). If I want to search some strings I have to encode them from UTF-8 to ISO6937 before search, but this approach is not very good for all languages and all epg providers. I have some questions:

    1. Which ISO number is right for DVB & EPG broadcasting in Czech&Slovakia? There are three possible norms ISO639-2 (, ISO6397 and ISO6937 ( I think that correct norm is the ISO6937 but people in enigma2 team says that ISO6397 is correct.
    2. Is it possible to set (somewhere in the config) enigma2 in order to store EPG into cache always in the UTF-8 coding (for all providers) - something like auto recode from actual isoxxxx to utf8?

    Many thanks.

    I like recording movies on my DM800HD :) , but after waking up DM from the standby state (due to timer recording event) rotor doesn't change its position and movie is not recorded (even the LCD and red led is blinking) :( . Therefore I need to set the "proper" TV station immediately before switching of the dream to the standby - simple solution, it works. But what can I do if I want record two programs, each of them on the different sat positions? Leaving dream still ON is not always acceptable :( .

    Many thanks.

    PS: I have tried three latest images - [Moderator] Image is in violation of the Boardrules [/Moderator]

    Hello everybody,

    margin before/after record doesn't work on my DM800HD :( . I set these values to 5min but recording was started exactly at the start time in the timer (also recording was finished at the stoptime, without 5min delay). I have tried three latest images [Moderator] Image is in violation of the Boardrules [/Moderator] but without success. Is it a bug or I am doing something wrong?

    Many thanks.