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    What about the other issue ? about the flashing of the box ? I did flash it with the latest firmware and after restarting it asks for tv standard then language then timezone, and when ii press save the whole procedure starts over... (tv standard, lang, ...) any ideas?
    I try to flash it again but the box is not connected to the net. when i press the standby button noting happens.

    So from what you tell me , i cannot watch a valid and payed irdeto bouquet as this is not allowed? If this is the case, i just go back to the shop where i bought it and give it back to them..... Never could have thought that dreambox does not support irdeto cards.
    Thanks again.

    I'm new to the Dreambox experience and i have some questions.
    First of all, i want to know how is it possible to watch a valid Irdeto 2 card subsciption? I just inserted it in the slot but nothing happened. How do i see if the box recognised the card?
    Do i have to install some emu software for this purpose? (The card is Nova).
    The second issue is that i tried to flash my box with the latest firmware and when it finished (without problems) , it restarts and gets me to some kind of wizard (enter tv standard->PAL then choose language then enter timezone...) but after i finish the wizard it starts all over again... (tv standard,language,timezone...).
    Did i do something wrong?
    Thanks in advance