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    Had an email from dm said feb wow what a bunch of T's this is the third delay for these boxes, wonder what crap they are going to blame this time.

    Getting pissed off with dm at mo takes 3-4 weeks to get a reply to emails and then they don't answer all questions.

    What is really peeing me of is that we cannot get a date for release, only jan.

    Why, we are in jan so they must know when they are shipping, even the re sellers don't know.

    I hope they do not delay again as this is my second pre order.

    I couldn't wait last time, this time just waiting for them to say further delay.

    Hope someone can confirm date of availability.

    Oh and i have wrote to dream to ask if we insert a hard drive or change the tuner, does that invalidate the warranty

    ordered mine last year should have been out october, still unable to get a date of availability from anyone, only jan, so hope they are not delayed yet again.

    Had a similar problem but with 500c, i had to use different pc and used dream up. Try diff versions, You need to use null modem cable and un tick the network box.

    Then dream up will tell u thats talking to box. This is the equivalent to jtag.

    If dream up with null modem doesn't connect the box is a brick

    Hi mate have you tried to re flash, does dream up still connect to box, did you use fwz or image file.

    If the box is still talking to dream up then u should be able to re flash.

    Mate i would wait a short while as the 600 pvr is coming out has hd interface and plugin tunners, cheaper option than the 7/8 series.

    Ordered mine waiting for dream to supply.

    Thougt it was avail with sat tunner though, sure i've seen advertised.

    First i would like to say hello to all.

    I Have the 500 at the mo and just ordered the 600pvr.

    Can any one help me to find software for the 600pvr i know the box has not been released yet, but have pre ordered.(due next moth) Unless i've been ripped.

    However i am somewhat concerned that dream media have no mention of these boxes, or software.

    Would have thought that they would have it in the news section.

    I have emailed and asked the question and have not got a reply.

    So if anyone can shed some light on them it would be appreciated

    Monday, Just got reply from dream so all is well with the 600pvr does have it's own image and uses the 7025 plugin tunners, so now looking for cheap7025 S tunner to play with