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    Ok, that clarify the problem.

    The question is, why is it hard-coded in the dreambox to read transponder-time always? Why can the user not choose between system-time (configured) or transponder-time (automatic received)

    i.e. by practice, we can see that the way it is implemented in the dreambox is not satisfactory, as it is not always working.

    When I have a dreambox on my living room, and it has a clock, I would like to use this clock. More important, I want to rely on this clock to configure the recording timers. With the current implementation, the clock is not reliable.

    Do you agree?

    Hi 4iphone,

    I cannot say that you are right or wrong, but I can say that the behavior you mentioned on your post is not what we observe.

    What people observe is that when they are running with channels that provide time, but on a timezone different than where they live, then the clock on the screen is changed to the time from provider and stay there.

    It seems that there is a little bug there.

    This is very similar to what is implemented in VLC player plugin. I'm not familiar with the implementation of VLC player but it should be the same idea, request the VLC server to send som RTP stream, and the plugin will receive the stream and play it on the screen.

    Does that means that you want to give the code and if the code is correct then the hidden channel list is activated? Else the channel list is not visible?

    Is should also hide the protected channels form the All the channel lists so that they are not visible at all. Everything become visible if the parental control code is entered.

    In short, the parental control should be implemented as an operation mode, hiding all protected contents. :thumbsup:

    A new version of the plugin is included here. This version does not change the function, but it include more standard way for installing and removing the IPK package.

    Guys, is this:

    • Not an interesting subject?
    • Not a problem for you?
    • Very complicated issue?
    • Very simple that you think I should find it myself?
    • or what?

    Please leave your reply even if you do not know that answer ... thanks

    Oh ok.

    Attached please find the ntpdate for DM7025 (should work for DM800 and DM8000 as well)

    Remember to chmod 755 on it to get it executable.



    • ntpdate.rar

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    This post was edited, a new version of the IPK package added to fix de-installation issue.

    I heard a lot of people talking about problems with the on screen clock. Apparently, enigma2 is reading the time from the provider and using it as the clock on the screen instead of the systems clock.

    I do not know whether this is a feature or a bug, I still think that it is smart to know the time according to the provider to match with the EPG, but many people think that it is really not good specially those who are sometimes watching channels that has no time.

    Could any enigma2 expert tell how the time is read on enigma2 and the mechanism behind that. I'm thinking of making a plugin that allow the customer to configure enigma2 to read the time from the provider OR from the system.


    I have made an IPK plugin package. I noticed (actually been informed) that the plugin when un-installed it is not removed from the menu.

    After checking, I noticed that the plugin is not removed because the .pyc files that are generated by enigma2 are not removed from when the IPK is un-installed.

    I included the .pyc files in the IPK package and everything was ok afterwards.

    BUT, as per my understanding, the .pyc should be generated by the target it self, so the IPK must not include these files, is that correct?

    If so, then how can I force IPK to remove these files when the plugin is un-installed?

    Ok, thanks for the info.

    I will check that and fix it. If you want to remove it you can telnet to the box and execute the following command:

    rm -rf /usr/lib/enigma2/python/Plugins/Extensions/NTPUpdateManager/

    This should remove the complete plugin from your system and thereby remove the plugin from the menu.

    I actually already found the reason and have a solution for it, but I'm not very convinced with this solution therefore I would like to check how others are doing it ;)

    ni_hao, you're right, the plugin changies the system time only.

    It would be nice if any of ENIGMA2 experts tells us how and when the time on display is shown so that we can patch it to enable user to select which time he want to show on the screen (tp time or system time)

    :) Ok now I think I know what is the difference.

    I executed the ipkg-build on my dreambox. dreambox version of tar seems not to support the --exclude option.

    Probably if you use the original script on a standard Linux machine then it will work.

    Oh, then may be the version I got have these issues.

    Would you please post the version you have, or at least guide me to it so that I use the official one ;)

    The version I had (with these issues) is attached below. I tried to email the developer for updates, but his email is not valid.


    This is a simple plugin that can be used to set the system time to the selected NTP server.

    The NTPUpdateManager plugin reads an XML file and lists the different countries. The user select the country and the plugin will find the NTP server for that country and apply it and execute the script.

    The script (included in the plugin) is an init.d script that is execute on boot. It uses the ntpdate software to connect to the NTP server and update the systems time.

    If you would like to add an extra NTP server, an new country or something, then you can edit the ntpurls.xml XML file included in the plugin directory and add the country or the NTP server. Please note that you have to keep the XML syntax else the plugin might not be able to parse the XML file correctly.

    For this plugin to function properly, you need to have ntpdate installed on the dreambox.

    Attached is the IPK package for the plugin

    ntpdate for DM7025 (MIPSEL) can be found in the following link:…hp?attachmentid=1061&sid=