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    In WEB Interface ( Rescue mode ) I can not see date of production, mac and other things... box is hanging every 5 minutes.

    Error like:

    i have fixed:

    better look:

    Here is fixed code for Freetyp > 2.3

    when i type init 4 in telnet and then run this...

    I see nothink on TV :( :(

    Can anyone help ?


    with current try i have following problem:

    Can anyone help me with that ?

    I have a problem,

    on Dreambox 8000 HD I can play AVI files with this code

    filename = ""
    fileRef = eServiceReference(0x1001, 0, filename), fileRef)

    But on DM 800 and I think on DM 500 I ve got error - I mean that it is not playing, so I copy gst plugins from 8k to 800 but still no success

    I copied


    this ones libs


    gst-launch -v playbin2 uri=

    I see have an AUDIO, no VIDEO :(

    Question is, if it is even possiable to run avi on dm800 ? :S

    When I am trying to go to Cutmosize Menu I ve got this error

    And after that it is downloading everythink as always and make biotbake dreambox-image

    so what is wrong ????


    I am using this makefile…pendreambox-1.5;hb=master

    and have this kind of error

    What is wrong ? Mayby wrong Makeifle ??

    my conf

    git version
    BitBake Build Tool Core version 1.6.8, bitbake version 1.6.8