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    I'm having issues with Ethernet port in my Dreambox DM520. It wasn't working from more than 2 years and I was using USB WiFi adapter for network communication. A few days I noticed that I can't boot DM520 because of problem with Ethernet port, boot process blocks at init fp. When I boot device with serial console and press Ctrl-E combination which skips Ethernet initialization (Ethernet disabled via Ctrl-E) then DM520 boots as it was before. I was trying to use CFE to disable Ethernet in menu, didn't work, ephycfg setup change to option 2, also didn't work. It looks like when I do any setup using aforementioned commands after I reboot none of settings are saved.

    My question is about disabling Ethernet port permanently from boot process to avoid getting stucked at init fp, do you know if this is possible?

    My setup was original Dreambox OS 4.3.2r12 (stable) which I was using for 2 years, I also updated image to version 4.3.3r3 (unstable) however it didn't help to resolve issues with Ethernet. Image can be only booted when I skip initialization with Ctrl-E.

    From my perspective problem is not related to image but with bootloader which doesn't allow me to go to further part without skipping using Ctrl-E. I'm wondering if it's possible to permanently skip Ethernet init at bootloader side, I don't need it as it's not functional for me.

    I still want to continue using my DM520 as it's fully working (except ETH) that's why I'm asking you for help, I'd be very grateful for any hints.

    Providing below logs from serial interface