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    Thank you for the answer!

    The frequency on that transponder should be 594 MHz. The scanner saves it as eeee0254. Tuninig is ok as long as it is changed to something else, if the frequency is 594000000 and the mask is eeee0254 it doesn't work. It applies for all other transponders also.

    With the aerial connected to the tuner it works but not with satip.

    Is the satip plugin old and outdated in this box model?

    Seems like all transponders eeeeXXXX has an offset of +2 MHz.

    Should it be like that?

    And why do we need frequency on the second row then? t 594000000:0:5:5:3:2:4:4:2:0 should be eeee0252 then and not eeee0254 as booth satip and physical tuner do it....


    New conclusions. I know for sure that my Sat>IP server is ok both for DVB-T and DVB-T2. I have tested with a Panasonic TV, DVB viewer (Windows) and Sat>IP viewer (MacOS). The apps on the computers have pre defined transponder lists and I think their channel mapping is done in an other way but the Panasonic TV behaves as a real Sat>IP client and all channels are ok.

    I did plug my dm900 directly to the aerial and did a DVB-T/T2 channel scan with a Si2169C tuner and everything worked as it should.

    I then deactivated the internal DVB-T/T2 tuner to force a switch to the satip vtuner. Frequency entries in lamedb disappeared after zapping to a channel, but worked first time.

    All DVB-T2 services was greyed out in the channellist also as it seems that the satipclient cannot handle the extra characters in the transponder definition in lamedb.

    This means that some changes has been done either in DreamOS or satipclient between the dm900 and Dream ONE. I think it would be quite easy to compile a new version of satipclient (same as in Dream ONE) if I hade access to the satipclient source and if I mange to make the development environment work (have tried the docker-openembedded korgoth on Ubuntu 18.04 but make update doesnt work)

    So if there is a smart and kind soul here on the forum that could be helpful I would appreciate it.

    Hope someone can post some answers.

    One more test...

    Tried to reset the transponder id back to the original eeee0254 and it stopped working again.

    I changed the value back to eeee0255 and after reboot it didn,t work.

    I had a look in the service info menu and under multiplex the frequency had changed from 594000000 to 1500. Even if I changed the frequency and rebooted it didn't work. It seems like if the frequency isn't added correct when the transponder is created it cannot be updated.

    I am back at the starting point not knowing if the problem is dependent on enigma2 channel scanning, satipclient or my sat>ip server.

    To be continued...

    Hello again!

    Even more research....

    As mentioned from the beginning a channel scan (sat>ip DVB-T) from my DM900 finds all DVB-T channels, no DVB-T2 at all.

    The transponder data is not complete, frequency is missing

            t 0:0:5:5:3:2:4:4:2:0

    My assumption was that the transponder mask had to be "eeee0000" but it is not true.

    Today I tested more and edited lamedb manually and added frequency and changed the mask from "eeee0254" to "eeee0255":

            t 594000000:0:5:5:3:2:4:4:2:0

    This seems to work. It seems like the mask needs to be changed also to keep the frequency persistent. I did also update the service mappings with the same mask.

    My question:

    Is this dependent on enigma2, satipclient or could it be a bug in minisatip that I use as sat>ip server.

    I hope someone with knowledge could point me in the right direction.

    Best regards.

    A lot of investigation has been done. Now I have better understanding of the issue. I cannot say if it a satipclient or enigma2 issue.

    It seems like the namespace is the problem. If I manually edit lamedb and change eeee02ac to eeee0000 the frequency survives channel zapping and box reboots. The issue with manually edit is that one can only receive the mux from one transmitter as the rest of the transponder data seems to be identical. The plugin cannot search DVB-T2 transponders either, I think it was possible on the dream ONE.

    If this thread belongs to enigma2 plugin section please move it.


    It seems like satipclient is not working as it should on dm900 oe2.5 and DVB-T(2). DVB-S(2) and DVB-C is ok I have tested it on latest official firmware, newenigma2 and Dream-Elite 7.

    Channel searching works but watching channels does not. It seems like the frequency entry for transponders are missing in lamedb.

            t 0:0:5:5:3:2:4:4:2:0
            t 0:0:5:5:3:2:4:4:2:0

    I can confirm it is working on a dream ONE and if copy the transponder info from that box it works until I do a channel change and lamedb gets updated with 0 (zero) as frequency.

    Lamedb should look like this:

            t 682000000:0:5:5:3:2:4:4:2:0

    After further investigation i can see this from dmesg:

    (NULL device *): DVB: adapter 0 frontend 0 frequency limits undefined - fix the driver

    Can it be something that the frewuency in lamedb is given in Hz for DVB-T while with DVB-C it is given in kHz? I am thinking that the developer has copy pasted code and missed something. Is there anyone on this forum that is able to compile and release the same version as in the Dream ONE?