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    Hi There,

    Thanks for looking that up.

    My main thoughts are that I could have a power supply problem so that when I insert the card, one of the rails must be borderline.

    definitly no issues without the card.

    Any test points to look at that you could suggest? points and voltages?(other than the connection to the main board

    cheers :thumbup:


    I have an intermittent problem with my DM8000 where I am using a PCMCIA card and cam (for Australia Vast) but when I change channels, it freezes and have no way to access any ports or IP. picture just locks up and the remote is ignored.

    also cannot boot with cam inserted in any of the slots. Freezes!

    routine is as follows,

    1) Change channel>locked up,

    2) switch off at the back, remove cam,

    3) switch back on,

    4) wait for complete system reboot and then once settled, reinsert cam, if lucky all good, if not, remove cam and start over again! but wait a little longer, at least until the unit is settled on a channel

    using OPLi (nightly 6/01/2022),

    Is there any way to diagnose this or software that could be used maybe?

    Replaced the HDD very recently but no effect for this issue.

    any thoughts appreciated.

    Cheers :/


    Thank you for your response.

    I have a clean 1Tb sitting here, will use that, just looking at the file structure to see if there is anything permanent other wise will put that in and load up a new image.

    again thank you :thumbup:


    Happy New Year!

    I was wondering if someone could help me with regards to my DM8000?

    The hard drive appears to have quite a few bad sectors so I would like to replace it.

    A) can I just simply replace or should I clone?

    B) What is the HDD size limitation that I can install? (would like to use a 1 or 2 Tb) presently 500Gb.

    Box was purchased here in oz around 13 years ago so have had a reasonable run out of it. would like to keep it going if I could, however very prone to crashing, even more so when I have a cam/card in it.

    I do realize that there is no official support so thank you for any suggestions you may have.