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    It does not make sense to argue with people like AlBundy00 who has fallen asleep I did not post to a particular brand to be prejudiced Just to clarify and make a better decision for myself,

    Just for the sake of clarity and to make a better decision for myself, I posted a post guiding users who give the right answer about buying or not buying new dream boxes according to the needs I have of these boxes.


    I now have a Dreambox 500 and a Vuplus Duo4kSE

    I want Dreambox Two but without

    restrictions Why Dreambox images are closed in a Linux space that is always free This limitation is not hard and tolerable for me and most users And only a very limited number accept these conditions :(

    And developer teams do not support Dreambox due to limitations :(

    Do skins and plugins enigma2 work for the Dreambox two in the Android environment?


    i have dreambox two ultra hd

    I want install image pkt why there is not this image for install in two ultra ? :(:(