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    For recording is't necessary to decode the video stream. The Dreambox can write simple the transponder stream with a channel filter to the drive.

    You can write more than 10 channels to a drive when you have a enough tuner or these channel are only on few transponders.

    Only when you will display a stream a video decoder is required.

    Thanks. I learn something new every day :-)

    Which decoder is used when I play 4 streams in VLC on my computer? That is the computer which does everything?

    That is also the problem on the Dreambox One, that this box can't show pip.
    This box has only one videodecoder to show video.
    Record two or more different services is no problem.

    The Dreambox One is considerably cheaper than DM900 and DM920 which can be considered as the flagshop models.

    I also find it as a bad decision not to use Android TV in The Dreambox One.

    Unfortunately it seems that the competition is ahead of Dream Multimedia in both technology and support...

    Only when you change the SoC to one with 4 Video decoders. 8o

    djmastera2000 told you before this is a HARDWARE limitation.

    Do you now what this means?

    I know what hardware limitation means. I also asked whether it had something to do with ARM vs MIPS, which nobody bothered to answer...

    On my DM900 with triple tuner I can:

    Record 4 different channels at the same time (2 from cable and 2 from satellite). But I cannot view 4 channels at the same time?

    And yes the 2 cable channels are on the same frequency and yes the 2 satellite channels are on the same transponder/frequency.

    Sorry for assuming that the 4 channels that is being recorded meant that 4 video streams were being decoded by the receiver...

    1 year later...

    SOC is System On a Chip, but what is it that makes the chip in DM900 and DM920 different from the one in for instance some VU+ and Gigablue receivers which have quad pip?

    Will it ever become possible with quad pip on DM900 and DM920?

    The current splitscreen works, but usability could be more elegant. For instance it is important to exit Splitscreen by presssing Splitscreen again from the menu. If you select Disable PIP (blue button) you will get black screen in half picture, whereas the other half will continue playing. Then you have to select Splitscreen again in the menu (which will make both channels to play again), and then select Splitscreen to exit the right way...

    Maybe it is time merge PIP and Splitscreen ;-)

    I could easil,disable these Buttons while Splitscreen is active... If you feel better...but this would be the wrong approach.

    Why do you think it is the wrong approach?

    My suggestions:

    I would prefer the Yellow Swap service to work. But if that is not possible then the menu entry should be hidden.

    Regarding the Green button, maybe it could cycle between the views (bars, top, buttom, middle etc). If that is not possible then it should be hidden as well.

    The Blue one could simply exit the Splitscreen view (also rename the to Exit splitscreen). If that is not possible then it should be hidden as well.

    Best regards

    I just find it odd that swap service is not working in this version when it was working in the 0.7 version...

    I understand that some code is shared between pip and splitscreen since they basically do the same but in different ways.

    But seen from a usability perspective it is not userfriendly that when you activate splitscreen, both green, yellow and blue buttons become visible in the extensions menu when they have no function...

    I got it by downloading from sourgeforge.

    The extension is working. Thank you for adjusting the it and adding more options.

    Is it only me who cannot get the Swap service (yellow) to work? It works fine when using normal PIP, but not when using splitscreen

    The developers at my job do many tasks they don't want to do, but they do it anyway because they get paid.

    I have told you about my use case and made my arguments.

    I would really appreciate if a function to keep aspect ratio was added to the plugin.

    Best ragards

    Nice to see the discussion going.

    And it looks like we found the developer haha.

    I use my Dreambox as a kind of info screen, that is the reason why I want to show two channels side by side. Distorted pictures is not something anybody would like to look at for a longer period of time.

    In the perfect world I would have 4 x pip (quad pip), but apparantly that is only possible on some Vu+ or GigaBlue receivers.

    I am only asking for an option to keep the right proportions. An option! Why not make everybody happy?

    @gutemine If you can do the code in 10 minutes, then I please do that and I will pay for your time.

    I understand some German (and Google translate will help me with the rest), so no problem if you prefer to discuss in German.

    Best regards

    As long as you are not convincing us why we should waste 50% of our large TV's display you will NOT get anything.

    Most modern TVs use various enhacements like stretching or cut off to show 4:3 content as good as possible on 16:9 panels - your webdesign and image processing experience is therefore NOT what the industry decided for.

    Yes, the TVs did that in the past. Today most content is transmitted in native 16:9 with pillarbox when old 4:3 content is displayed. Some crop the picture in top and bottom to 14:9 as a middle way but I don't see that often anymore.

    I know that enigma2 was created when SD was still the norm. Now HD is the norm.

    DVB SD is usually 4:3 (480 or 576 vertical pixels)

    DVB HD is 16:9 (720 or 1080 vertical pixels)

    Now most channels are HD, so for that reason 16:9 is the format to use.

    I am asking to implement an OPTION to view content with the correct proportions. If somebody prefers the current solution where both images get stretched then continue with that - I prefer correct proportions.

    Maybe the function is not part of DreamOS, but it is available as a plugin.

    I have DreamOS 4.3 2r7-2019-07-30

    Image: Dream-Elite 6.0 20190731

    My receiver is a DM900, and I have also access to a DM920.