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    I'm new to dreambox world
    I'm actually have an octagon 4008 but I'm pretty disappointed with some bugs of it
    I'm thinking about to buy a dm900 or dm920 but I have some questions I hope you can help me
    preamble: I need multistream tuner.

    1) does anyone have compared Si21662D vs. Si21692D on very fringe signal? Is there a winner?
    2) does dm900 or dm920 has problem with some CI+ cam at the moment?
    3) does dm900 and dm920 has different picture quality?
    4) main reason I'd like to change my octagon 4008 is because has blank screen (audio only) on some Normal FTA channel. a friend of mine having dm900 has same problem for example on menrva tv on 52,5 east 12092 H 27500 - arezo tv 70,5 east (no problem with other NON enigma2 receiver and no problem streaming to pc from enigma2). it has had similar problem on another channel but have picture after lame.db modification. can you confirm dm920 has same problem on this channel
    5) what's the main important difference between dm900 and dm920?

    thank you in advance for you kind help

    best regards