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    Dear members,

    i cant translate this page because i cant read / write German. Sorry about that.

    Greetings from Pakistan. i just bought Dreambox One UHD,

    Have a strange bug, when ever i install image on Flash, on first boot its resolution is terrible even below 420p, when ever i try to change it to 1080p, my LEDTV goes black, solution is i manually turn of and on the box through physical switch. After restarting this thing never happens. It only happens when you first boot after fresh install of an image??

    Thanks for replying, C-Band is really common here in Asian Continent, well i figured it out, the satellite.xml which i was using had specific settings for FEC and Modulation, which strangely resulted in no signals on OE2.5, when i have changed Modulation to "Auto" i was able to successfully tune all the channels. i was surprised though that there is no issue on OE2.2 but i have to change settings on OE 2.5

    DM520 works perfectly on OE 2.2 images (OpenATV 6.1, unstable opendreambox 2.2 etc), but it gives errors like tune failed, and scans less services on OE2.5 images like Opendreambox 2.5? Specially on C-Band frequencies and some KU-Band frequencies. Can someone help me in this regard?, am i missing something in configurations?
    Thanks in advance