Sorry english question

  • Hi all!

    Sorry my english question but I hope that you could still answer to me :rolleyes:

    I have one specific question where finnish forum cannot aswer.

    I know that there is a place in 7025 and 8000 where u can put dvd-kit.

    However I am interest to get some extra benefit for buying 8000.

    So.... is there a possibility to put blu-ray/dvd-station to the 8000 and after that:

    - play prerecorded or rented blu-ray discs and show it in TV via 8000

    And other question:

    - If I have f.e x.264 (or .mkv) 720p video files in my linux server, then is it possible to watch those files via 8000?

    Also what do you suggest? Do I have to buy 7025 right now or is it wiser buy new 8000?

  • Hi PeeHoo.
    As Maxl already wrote, it is not possible, to play Original Blu-Ray Discs on the DM8000. The reason is, that Blu-Rays Discs are encrypted with HDCP and this is not supported by Linux. Nevertheless... as a matter of course, you can install a Blu-Ray Drive and burn your HD Recorings (as files) on Blu-Ray...

    Concerning your second question... yes, it is possible to watch media files stored on a linux server. You just have to mount the directory that contains the files via nfs. But only the DM8000 (and 800) is able to play HD Videos. I've already tried several H.264 Files on my DM8000 without problems, but so far I had not the chance to test .mkv Files.

    I'm extremly satisfied with my DM8000 and would recommend to choose this box if you would like to play HD Videos and of course it is affordable.

    Best Regards,