dm8000 DTT tuner

  • Yes it is.


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  • This tuner with dm8000 it's compatible for dtt-HDTV trasmission? (mepg4)

    Or we need a new tuner DVB-T2?

    Thanks :)

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    Originally posted by murray
    you should not mix the MPEG standards and the DVB standards

    It is possible to us e.g. MPEG4 with DVB-C

    In my country (Italy) there are some transmissions that require special decoder (hdtv compatible).. not all decoder DVB-T are ok! because can not see the mpeg4.

    After alctual phase will go to DVB-T2 (standar optimized for terrestrial HDTV trasmission) (tuner DVB-T not be updated!)

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  • The DM8000 is able to decode MPEG4, but this feature does not depend on the tuner.

    The tuner for digital terrestrial television, which has already been available for the DM7025, is a DVB-T tuner. For DVB-T2, which is not yet in use, other tuners will be needed, because DVB-T2 is not backwards compatible to DVB-T.


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    Originally posted by maxl
    but i am sure a Provider what send HDTV via DVB-T would be hard to find ;)

    RAI (italian public television) has sent the EURO2008 on DTT channel 16:9 in HDTV !

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  • Maxi: not hard to proof you wrong. In australia tv channels are broadcasted in sdtv as well as in hdtv via dvb-t


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  • MPEG4 (AVC/H.264) is already been used in many european countries for DVB-T broadcasting, for example in Estonia, Lithuania, Norway, etc.

    The DVB-T tuner for Dreambox _does_ work with DVB-T MPEG4.

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    Originally posted by kainvaljaots
    The DVB-T tuner for Dreambox _does_ work with DVB-T MPEG4.

    Mmmm.. into 7025 ok, BUT into 8000? I think maybe it works.. testing?

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  • your mixing up things that do not correlate!

    The Frontend (Which consists of Tuner and Demodulator) does not care about the data transportet in the stream (else Internet over DVB could never ever work).
    The 7025 simply can't show MPEG4 as it can't decode it. With a dm800 and/or dm8000 things might/should look different.

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  • Why DM8000 with Tuner Dtt philips, Dtt HD channels do not work? X(

    Stores the RAI HD channel, but the screen is always black.

    Tuner not compatible with HD channels?

    Need another tuner DVB-T2?

    Enigma2 problem?

    Image problem?

    Thanks to those who answer me :thumbup: