File-menu like Enigma1

  • Hi all,

    I've recently changed from the 7000 to the 800, and the one thing that really does not sink in is the way Enigma2 handles video files and recordings. Enigma1 had the file menu, which simply showed all files in a location, and on clicking the file started the corresponding player (Stream player for streaming radio, mp3 player for audio, video player for video files). Now, the box itself only supports recordings, and the media player/media center plugins need to have the media type pre-selected so browsing isn't as intuitive as in the Enigma1 file browser. Is the file browser as seen in Enigma2 beeing developed actively, and will it be as intuitive as the Enigma1 version?
    Are there alternatives?



  • Yep,

    I agree with you. I had a DM7000 and replaced it with DM7025.
    I also like the way it's done in Enigma1 better.
    I must also say that DM7025 is alot more stable than DM7000 :-)

  • What they most likely mean the the multy (three) colomn listbox what we do not have in E2. Even with the service list this could be helpfull to see a quick overview for big lists